Calculating UC/CSU transfer gpa

(UC/CSU) Anyone have a similar education history like mine?

Hi, so I am attending a community college right now in order to transfer later to a CSU or UC. My gpa is pretty good at my CC, but I’m worried about my past education history.

I first got accepted and went to a UC in fall 2017, but I withdrew from there in summer 2019. I thought I would like it there, but I couldn’t vibe with the atmosphere. My mental health was bad at this time, and I was on academic probation a few quarters at that UC.

So I started over at a community college and have been attending there since 2020. But I’m not sure about if I have to include my past coursework at that UC to when applying to a CSU or UC in the future. Especially when I have to calculate my transfer UC/CSU gpa I’m worried. My grades at my CC and at my past UC are like night and day.

If I don’t want to transfer any credit from my past UC, do I have to provide a transcript from that UC on the CSU/UC app?

You have to report all colleges attended, any grades received that are UC/CSU transferable and theses grades will be counted in your UC/CSU GPA. You cannot choose which credits to transfer or not report. There is a clearinghouse which would have a record of all your college information so please be honest.

The good news is the your current record will have more impact than grades from 5 years ago. Did you leave the UC in good standing meaning a 2.0 GPA or higher?

Yes, you will have to provide the UC and CC transcripts.

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I agree with @Gumbymom. A number of my former students have hard transitions into the UC’s, especially with the feel of the campuses. They are all different. Some people just don’t work well in an environment that doesn’t match the student’s personality. That’s okay because there are other schools.

The good news is that you have recovered and transitioned into a student who will complete educational goals via a stint at a CC.

The universities will look at what you’ve done at your latest campus. Yes, they’ll see your past record but, what’s important is how you’ve recovered. You have to send your past transcripts, and they will note what you did, but they wont penalize you for it based on what you have NOW accomplished.

Please remember that the schools WANT you to SUCCEED. They want you to finish your degree. When you transfer, use the free tutoring services at some of the campuses. (Especially the schools with the quarter system.) You’ve proven you know how to study, so continue that trend by going to the tutors. Keep us updated! Good Luck!

I left that UC with a 2.24 gpa, so good standing. I wasn’t academically dismissed, I voluntarily withdrew.

Sorry, but I was still unsure about something. Do I also calculate high school grades into my CSU transfer gpa?

No, HS grades are not calculated into your CSU/UC GPA unless you took some college courses (CSU/UC transferable) during HS.