Calculating UC gpa?

I’d very much appreciate if someone could calculate my UC GPA for me. On the website it says UC’s only take into account 8 semesters of honors courses. But I’m wondering if that includes APs? Also if I took more than 8 semesters, was that just a waste a time if the extra ap/honors do not even boost my gpa for admissions?

10th grade courses.

AP European History - A both semesters
Chemistry (H) - B both semesters
English 10 (H)- A first semester, B+ second semester
Outdoor Athletic Performance- (not uc approved)
Spanish III- B both semesters

Spiritual Disciplines /Wisdom Lit- (religion course and not uc approved as well)
Trig/Pre Calc AB (not an honors or ap course)- A both semesters

11th grade courses (currently in 11th grade but lets just calculate hypothetically)

AP Calculus AB- B both semesters
AP English Language & Composition- A both semesters
AP Physics 1- A first semester B second semester
AP U.S. History- A both semesters
Applied Ethics Bible/Introduction to Life Calling- (religion course and not uc approved)
Outdoor Athletic Performance- (not uc approved)
Spanish IV- B both semesters

UC GPA = 3.9
All UC’s will use the capped weighted GPA (8 semesters of AP/Honors) but UCLA and UCB will also use uncapped weighted.

Thanks a lot. So when you say uncapped weighted you mean UCLA and UCB take into account all of my honors/aps? thats good at least

Yes, UCLA/UCB will take into account all your honors and AP classes.