Calculus 1 for freshman stern students

<p>I am going to be a freshman at stern this fall and was thinking of taking calculus 1, but the prerequisite of this course is a SAT score of 750 or higher....i only got 730 on my math does this mean I can't take it? Thanks in advance....:)</p>

<p>Also is it true that students are exempt from both wte and commerce and culture if you get more than 750 for your sat writing?</p>

<p>you can take a placement exam for math if you want to take calc 1. and no, not anymore with the whole 750 in writing. Its just that if you get a 740 in writing, you qualify to take commerce and culture instead of writing the essay</p>

<p>Personally, I’m starting with Calculus 1 again just to acclimate myself to the college life.</p>

<p>^ But we just took the BC Calc ex … oh, right.</p>

<p>wait, if you got over 750 on SAT Writing section…</p>

<p>you don’t have to take Writing the Essay???</p>

<p>SAT2350 - if you get 740 or higher on writing, according to the latest info on the website, you have the option of taking WTE or Commerce & Cultures. Any lower, and you must either take WTE or some international writing course (for internationals only I think). But being that your SAT is 2350, I’m sure this will be no problem for you ;)</p>

<p>I have a question myself tho… Does a 5 on the BC calc exam qualify one to go right to Calc II? Or do I have to take a placement exam on top of that to get into Calc II? I took BC last year and, quite frankly, I don’t remember much lol. In one ear and out the other :p.</p>

<p>No, you don’t have to take WTE if you got a 740 or higher on the SAT writing section. You have the option of WTE or Commerce and Cultures.</p>

<p>I’m in the NYU 7-year dental program,then I still need to take it, don’t I?</p>

<p>I have heard somewhere that not taking the WTE was an option for other years, but this coming year everyone has to take WTE. Anyone know if that is still true?</p>

<p>Yup all freshmen have to take either WTE or C&C</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, that was really helpful! :)</p>