Calculus AB

<p>I have a couple of questions. If I get a 5, should I still take Calc 1 my first year? And if I don't earn a 5, does this mean that I am more likely to have a hard time in math courses at Tech?</p>

<p>I don't know anyone who has skipped Calc I, although I know of some who started in II and dropped back to I.
So much depends on your teacher and what your classmates make. If your teacher does not teach at the 5 level, then only those who are good at self-study and take the time to do it will make a 5.</p>

<p>I know many students that have skipped Calc I. The bottom line is this: do you feel very confident in the Calc I material, or are you somewhat unclear on some topics? If you are even somewhat unclear, I would take Calc I unless it would end up delaying your graduation. Not only will Calc I give you a better grounding in the fundamental of Calculus, but it should be an easy A for someone with a 5 on the AP exam and allows you to take Calc II in Spring (where it is easier - Calc II in the Fall is full of the people that exempted out of Calc I, which tends to be your more mathematically adept students).</p>

<p>I would advise you to take the credit for a 5 on AB Calc. Calc II doesn't really cover Calc I material. Obviously, you will be expected to be able to integrate and find derivatives, but that's really all the old material you will need. Only the first five 5 weeks or so of the class are actually calculus and you will cover topics such as Taylor Polynomials, Improper Integrals, Series, and introductory Differential Equations. (The BC Topics) The rest of the course is linear algebra.</p>

<p>I also would not say Calc II is not necessarily easier in the Spring. The grades are pretty much the same. I also know people who retook Calc I and didn't do as well as they thought. So if you do retake it (which I do not advise), do not simply write it off as an easy A.</p>

<p>An ap teachers job is to make you never want to take the class again. If you feel like you wouldn't mind retaking it, then you probably should because your class wasn't hard enough and you probably didnt learn it well enough.My BC class is so hard, people with over 100 never would want to take any part of the class ever again.</p>

<p>Like others have said, take the credit. Calc II really has nothing to do with AB. Make sure you review some of the BC topics, though. </p>

<p>I've had to many friends not take the Calc I credit and do horrible in the class.</p>

<p>only AP courses i WOULDNT take credit for...are psychology (easy A) and chemistry (should adjust to GT's chem program) otherwise..take the credit</p>

<p>I would take the credit and I did, but I love calc and I also took AB and BC. I got a B in Calc 2 with Bellissard who is, for the record, ridiculous.</p>

<p>Like everyone said, AB has nothing to do with calc 2. Calc 2 here is AP Calc BC crammed into 1.5 months and the rest linear algebra. And like they said above: definitely do it on how you feel about the material.</p>