Calculus Help!!!

<p>Hey guys, I need your help right now.
How do you draw a graph like x=y-y^3 using your graphic calculator?
When I punched in, it read "it's undefinded....etc." Please let me know how to do it.
Many thanks in advance,.</p>

<p>its not a function because it doesn't pass the vertical line test.</p>

<p>wait, maybe it is a function. im not sure.</p>

<p>how about you make a table of values?</p>

<p>like when x = 2, y is -6, when x=3, y is -24</p>

<p>Yeah man dat aint no function.</p>

<p>Switch the variables. Make it y=x-x^3 then graph it. It will work.</p>

<p>guys,,, I appreciate for your responses. But please show me how to do.
Converting y and x never works..... </p>

<p>it's Calculus BC question and due date is tomorrow... I'm stuck in this f**king calculator drill.
Please help me guys...</p>

<p>Dude, obviously switxhing y for x then graphing it gives you a different function on the cartesian plane. Yes, you can graph it. No, not with a calculator. Make a table of x and y values. x=y-y^3 and plug away then draw the graph</p>

<p>I'm not sure if this will work but try it, i haven't thought it through YET, or if it's appropriate</p>

<p>Go to Parametric mode. Type in t-t^3 under x1, and then t under y1</p>

<p>Oh and if it doesn't work, i recommend what adidasty said by doing a table on paper yourself</p>

<p>or you could make it y= x/1-y^2, in which case you couldn't plug that into your calculator. so youre screwed.</p>

<p>Also, that's not a calculus problem....</p>