Calculus Readiness

<p>The calculus readiness link on my UTEID said that I only needed a SAT Math score of 600 or above, but is that referring to the subject test, or the SAT that includes math, reading, and writing?</p>

<p>It refers to the SAT I with the three sections.</p>

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<p>I don't understand why a 600 on the Math section of the SAT is any indication of Calculus readiness when they also accept actual Calculus credit from the AP and such</p>

<p>They used to require a 3+ on AB or BC, or a good score on the ALEKS. The SAT guidelines are new for this cycle of admissions.</p>

<p>I think the calculus readiness requirement refers to the ability of a person to do well in calculus at UT, not to get credit for calculus. If someone scores less than 600 in math on SAT I, they probably would not do too great in calculus, so I feel that this requirement is in some way justified.</p>

<p>thanx guys. I was wondering because on my "my status" thing from UT, it had some note about calculus readiness, and I got the impression that they didn't get proof of my calculus readiness. I knew they had gotten my SAT scores with the SAT math score but it still had that message. P.S My AP Calc AB exam was also good enough, but I wasn't sure if they got that since it was sent to them like a year ago</p>

<p>Also, My AP Calc AB exam proved my calculus readiness, but I was not sure if they got it because I sent it like a year ago</p>

<p>The "Calculus readiness" message does not disappear during the application process. Mine's still there and I have an SAT score that satisfies it.</p>

<p>Mine's disappeared. I heard that Cockrell automatically admits the top percents, and then goes down the others in order of percent. So maybe they have finally gotten to my percent</p>

<p>What percentage are you?</p>

<p>I'm top 6.2 percent</p>

<p>I'm 9.3%, so that theory might just be correct. I'll ask my other engineering applicant friends.</p>

<p>Ok. Tell me if what your friends say supports that theory</p>

<p>My 7.3% CompEng friend's is still there as of today.</p>

<p>Kool. I hope you and your friend make it. Actually, I hope anyone who shares my anxiety makes it :p One more thing, right before that calculus readiness thing changed, the status had also changed to something like "We have received all your application forms, and will let you know as soon as a decision is made."</p>

<p>Mine says:</p>

<p>Your application for admission is in review.</p>

<p>We have all the items we need to make your admission decision. As soon as your decision is made, it'll be posted on this page and you'll be notified by mail.</p>

<p>Calculus Readiness:
Engineering applicants must fulfill the school's calculus-readiness requirement. Learn more.</p>

<p>Does yours also say this?</p>

<p>Also: another friend, 4.6%, Chemical Engineering. His calculus readiness message is gone.</p>

<p>Mine, for like one day, said the same thing yours did, expect it did not have the calculus readiness note.</p>

<p>That's interesting. I read on another thread that someone who was 4.9 percent got accepted to the school around October, but your friend is higher than him...Maybe the 4.9 percent guy just chose a major that's easier to get into, like electrical engineering</p>

<p>Oh right, automatic acceptance has a different message.</p>

<p>O btw, I applied for chemical engineering, like your friend :]</p>