Calculus Sequence GPA too low?

I am applying to most UC’s as a comptuer science transfer for fal 2016. I noticed that UC riverside has a 2.5 gpa requirement for the calculus sequence, however my gpa in calc is 2.3. Is this requirement set in stone, or are they leniant at all?

Can you post a link? I’m not very familiar with specific GPA for a sequence of courses…

Here it is from Assist:

And from UCR’s website:

Its odd, because most UC’s don’t seem to have a gpa requirement for a specific sequence, other than you must earn a C or better, and I’ve heard that UCR is the more lenient of the UC’s

Hmmm… it looks pretty set in stone to me. The fact that they have it in the second paragraph on the assist page leads me to believe that it is not optional.

That being said, the best people to ask are UCR admissions people. I’d just send them a quick email asking them if you would still be considered with a calc GPA of 2.3.

That sure sounds to me like a minimum grade of 2.5 for calc sequence. It says it both on assist and the dept web page. That puts you in a bind, as your calc GPA is not low enough to retake. With these selective majors, they’re trying to thin the herd, so they keep imposing more req. As luckie said you need to talk with riverside, but I suspect the rule is there for a reason.

It’s mathematically impossible to have a 2.3. Note that UCs do not consider plus or minus grades for GPA in CCC courses.

@anikom15 Er, I don’t know how many courses the calc sequence involves, but if it is 3 (or if OP’s school is on the quarter system and there it involves three), a 2.3 is definitely mathematically possible (or a 2.33) - two C’s and a B.

If you look at the assist page it shows two five unit courses as the Calculus sequence.

@anikom15 it’s probably different for a school on the quarter system, but I’m just making an educated guess.

The UCs calculate plus and minus if the CCC gives them out.

@lindyk8 I believe I was told otherwise. If that’s true, that’s rather unfair.

@anikom15 I believe it is freshman plus and minus they might not calculate. But they definitely calculate transfer plus and minus, if the CCC awards them.