<p>I was screwed 8th grade taking Alg. I instead of pre-algebra, because the accelerated track at my school is one of two options - start in 8th grade, like I did, or take alg. I/Geometry in one year, and Alg. II/Precalc in the next year. I will be a year behind and only be able to take Calc AB because I was too advanced to take the accelerated class (they require AB before BC). I have heard mixed opinions on what a year of freshman calculus is at a community college. If I were to take Calc at a community college during the summer, would that be the same as Calc AB or would that be BC? If I did take that, what math course would I move onto after it?</p>

<p>It depends on the cc and the course. Calc AB is defined as one semester of college calculus and Calc BC is defined as two semesters of college calculus (one year). However, some community colleges have derivative calculus and integral calculus courses, which do not encompass the Calc BC curriculum. Just ask the community college course secretary (Course guru) or ask for the email of a teacher there so you can ask what is in the course. Calc AB is mainly derivatives and integrals, while Calc BC is the AB curriculum with Taylor series, polar equations, etc.</p>