CalGrant A

<p>Currently attending a community college.</p>

<p>I read about the CalGrant program, and it says for CalGrant A, if you receive it while you attend the community college, it will be put on reserve until i transfer to a 4 year-institute to be used there.</p>

<p>Does this mean if I am awarded with CalGrant A this year (2006-07), will it be put on hold until I transfer to a four-year institute for Fall '07? And let's say this is true. </p>

<p>Say I get another CalGrant A for 2007-2008 year. will that add to the reserved grant that i am already awarded with?</p>

<p>So to put this in numbers..</p>

<p>Cal Grant A for 06-07 year: $5000 (put on reserve until i transfer)
Cal Grant A for 07-08 year: $5000
Total: $10,000 granted for 07-08 year.</p>

<p>Will this be true?
I'm just really confused with all this "reserve" things... =/</p>

<p>"Reserve" just means they won't give you any money until you transfer to a 4-year, but once you do you ARE eligible to receive a CalGrant.</p>

<p>Trust me, there's no actual money sitting there waiting for you to use. Because I'm starting Berkeley in the spring, they're cutting my CalGrant award in half (two semesters per year, and I'm only attending one); if they did what you suggest, I would have a year's worth of CalGrant to add to that.</p>