Calhoun Discovery Program Info

Hi! I’m interested in the Calhoun Discovery Program for Computer Modeling & Data Analytics at Virginia Tech. My stats can be referenced on the second page of the “Chance Me: VT (24)” thread (Short Summary: Likes piano, tennis, community service & summer research (data analytic related) at University of Maryland, 4 APs (4.42 W and 3.98 UW), 34 ACT) Does anyone have first-hand experience with the program or any useful stats (aka what they are looking for in prospective students) about the program?

from this thread
sounds like the interview is a big part of the acceptance process - your stats are good so if interested you should give it a shot.

Great thank you so much @cbl1 !

Are you female, an under-represented minority or first generation college student? Fitting into one of those categories seemed to be more important last year than stats based on the article posted to VT’s website about their first year CDP class.

The article focused heavily on percentages of each group represented in the class and didn’t mention anything about stats for the class.

My son had a 36 ACT, NMF, Eagle Scout, Varsity athlete and more and was wait listed, but he also doesn’t fit into any of the categories above. Other students who did fit into a category with much lower stats were offered a spot. Ultimately, we are glad things worked out like they did given the housing mess this year. He had been really fortunate to end up with some wonderful opportunities at another university.

So absolutely apply and put your best foot forward, but also understand where VT is putting their focus right now.

*Disclaimer- this is not a slap at VT. Schools should absolutely follow their priorities and goals.

@brentwoodmom I am female, not URM (Asian actually), and disabled (hearing loss) (I’ll probably fit this into one of my supplementals). Thanks for the advice! Virginia Tech is one of my top choices right now!

@Zdawg10101 It sounds like you may have a great shot! It seems like a great program. Good luck!!

@Zdawg10101 did you get an interview for the program?

Hi! Sorry, didn’t see this til now. I got accepted to my first choice, a T10 school, via ED so I withdrew my application so I didn’t receive an interview for the program.