Cali community college -> UC transfer

<p>Hi, I'm a current high school senior living in SC. I only applied to a few colleges out of state, but as of now NYU is my current first choice. If I don't get in, I would really prefer not to stay in state. I have a good friend that also feels this way, and we were toying with kind of a crazy, or not so crazy, idea. If we move to California, lease an apartment for a year, and go to a California community college for a year, is it possible to transfer to a University of California school and obtain in-state tuition? Or is this not possible? Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to shed some light on this topic.</p>

<p>I should be able to shed light on it, since I'm here, but to be honest I don't know the specifics. I'm pretty sure there's probably some sort of time requirement of living in CA. I would expect there is. Why don't you give a CCC counsellor a call?</p>

<p>These might help you:</p>

<p>California</a> In-State Tuition Using Grandparents’ Address? - Ask The Dean</p>

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<p>You really don't want to come to California. </p>

<p>Gov. Brown recently slashed the UC and CSU institutions budget forcing them to lower admissions rate. By the time you leave and come here, the community colleges will probably be worse(fewer teachers, fewer classes, higher fees, etc.) </p>

<p>My best advise to you is to just wade it out in your state. I live in LA and go to a CC here (just applied to UCs though) and I can't tell you how bad i wanted/still want to get out but 2 years really goes by fast. But the worst thing for out of state students is getting caught up in the whole Hollywood thing. I've met so many people in one semester hailing from the MidWest or the South then have them missing for a year only to find them at a nightclub in West Hollywood looking like a complete train wreck.</p>

<p>There were approximately 60 students trying to crash into my math class this semester due to the budget cuts. If you wanna go through that struggle be my guest and come over here.</p>

<p>Community Colleges here are overcrowded and are operating under budget. I've been here for 2 years and my first year it was "sort of crowded" to my second year of being "overcrowded". I was lucky because I was in the honors transfer program which gives you priority in choosing classes but many others are not. My friend who went to cc before me had no problems getting classes (he went just a year before I did) but now it's becoming a serious problem. </p>

<p>If you plan on coming here, I think you would have to stay at least 3 years if you plan on being a science major and if you're a social science and you're lucky you might be able to transfer within 2 years. I suggest considering all your options before deciding to come here. The professors here are great but the budget is making it difficult for students to transfer in time.</p>

<p>i spent 3 years in my CC, so i still have many friends in CC. All of them said that shiit hit the fan like the semester after i finished (spring 10) so i wouldn't recommend going either. Classes are overcrowded, and resources are spread extremely thin.</p>

<p>you would have a better chance as an out-of-state student. with all the budget cuts going around, they're taking more and more out-of-state students because of the increased tuition they pay.</p>

<p>I am currently sitting next to my friend, a community college official and he said definitely come, the community colleges LOVE out-of-state tuition. California doesn't get the funds, they stay with the school. LOL.</p>