California and $$$ for internationals

<p>Hi everybody,</p>

<p>I've come a bit further with my research regarding merit- and need-based aid for internationals wanting to study at an institution in California.</p>

<p>I also have a few questions and hope you can help build the list.</p>

<p>1) Stanford - Yes. Has need-aware policy. Extremely competitive, but possible.</p>

<p>2) All University of California unis (including UCLA & Berkeley) - Nothing, since they are not private and are having problems with their funding.
-- true?? - or does anybody know of something?</p>

<p>3) USC - Kind of yes. But only for tuition.
a) It seems like you have to have very good grades while at uni and if your grades drop, you won't receive the scholarship next year round and will consequently mean you have to leave USC -- am I right?</p>

<p>here is the overview:
USC</a> Financial Aid - Grants & Scholarships - Undergraduate - Freshmen Only Scholarships</p>

<p>I assuming that internationals are only eligible for the
...or can internationals also get the trustee scholarship? Is it possible to get more than one? e.g. the presidential and the usc associates scholarship?</p>

<p>b) all in all you still have to calculate another 15-20k for boarding there and other costs (the total yearly cost is apron. 50k, what any of the scholarships alone cover is aprox 30k). And there seem to be no scholarships to cover the rest.</p>

<p>4) Pomona College offers need-based aid for a limited number of international applicants (similar to stanford). </p>

<p>Applying</a> for Aid for International Students - Pomona College</p>

<p>So does McKenna college:</p>

<p>Financial</a> Aid and Scholarships, International Students , Admission, Claremont McKenna College</p>

<p>Mckenna offers needbased aid as well as merit scholarships - the deadline for submitting your application for the latter is Dec 1</p>

<li>Do you know if the other Claremont colleges do the same?</li>

<p>5) Do you know of other good institutions in California that offer aid to internationals? Do you know if they have special early deadlines like McKenna?</p>

<p>I did not look into Caltech since that particular school did not interest me.</p>

<p>Thanks all for you help/opinions/contributions !</p>

<p>here is the info for Harvey Mudd college:
Financial</a> Aid for International Applicants</p>

<p>in this case it is note worthy that if your need increases after freshman year, the school will not increase their offer.</p>

<p>I am not totally sure, but I don't think Pitzer college offers any aid and I didnt look up Scripps since it is a women's college and I'm not a woman.</p>