California Art Schools

<p>I'm looking for some art departments in California that..</p>

<li>Don't foster a competitive atmosphere</li>
<li>Have programs that focus on computing and arts in addition to regular art</li>
<li>More conceptual than technical (more focus on creativity than how it's done)</li>

<p>...and which would accept someone with little formal art experience. Can anyone help me out here?</p>

<p>CCA in san francisco???</p>

<p>Yesterday I was at the Otis College of Art in Design in Los Angeles Open House and I loved it. I liked it.</p>

<p>But back to the question, art schools in Cali are
Otis College of Art & Design
San Francisco Art Institute
Art Center (really good for graphic design)
Cal Arts (Probably the best in Cali)
Academy of Art San Francisco(something like that)
Woodbury University</p>