California Boarding Schools; Thatcher vs. Webb vs. Cate?

<p>Next year I'm going to an all girls school for 8th grade, but I'm starting to think it might not work out so well. Just in case, I've started looking at other options and have come across these 3 schools -</p>

<p>Cate</a> School
Browser</a> Not Supported
The</a> Webb Schools - way beyond the standard</p>

<p>I want to go to UCLA for college and become a psychiatrist. I'm interested in taking lots of AP classes. I'm also a dancer. I want to have a good social life there, of course not get in trouble, but still have fun.</p>

<p>Which one would you recommend?</p>

<p>Don't forget Stevenson! It's another excellent school on the west coast.
I've heard great things about Cate, and Thatcher's horse program looks really interesting. They're all great schools, so you can't go wrong!</p>

<p>I am going to Thacher next year! I went to an all girls school and it didn't work out too well, like you expect of next year but it was a fun experience. I applied to Cate and I got in but I chose Thacher because in my opinion, it is more academic and focused. I also love the horse program and the way it bonds the class together. I am so excited to start! I have a countdown.. 29 days! I went to the holiday arts showcase and the dancing was incredible. Best of luck and if you have any questions you can PM me!</p>

<p>dont forget the San Domenico School! YouTube</a> - ‪A Guided Tour of San Domenico School!‬‎</p>

<p>cate- awesome
Thatcher- awesome
Webb- dont know much about but it looks awesome</p>

<p>Thacher (not Thatcher) and Cate are wonderful schools. Of course, I'm biased as you might suspect from my screen name, but I'd like to ditto paperdreams and add the fact that the School community (teachers, students, admin) is unusually supportive, non-cliquey (sp?), and welcoming. There's no getting around the fact that the academics are tough and advanced, but you've got so many people ready to lend a hand that you're able to rise and meet any challenge. The horse program, the mountains, the smell of orange blossoms and sage.....jeez, it really doesn't get any better! And there's a ton of great dance opportunities, too. Good luck!</p>

<p>If you really have your heart set on UCLA, or any other UC school, none of these are the best options. You can check out their numbers at the UC Stat finder: University</a> of California: StatFinder
I learned from this site that there are several public schools that do much better than all 3 combined.
Paperdreams: Thacher more academic than Cate--how so?</p>

<p>I am familiar with all 3 and I would say they are all very good programs, and relatively equivalent academically; Thacher does have the horse program. </p>

<p>Thacher is in the beautiful town of Ojai, just inland from Ventura. It is a small, artsy town in a beautiful setting. Very hot in summer but relatively mild weather.</p>

<p>Cate is in the foothills above Carpinteria, and is also a beautiful location among orange groves, above the beach. It is very close to the coast so the weather is very mild. Carpinteria is a very cool little summer town with one of the nicest beaches around but is pretty dead in the winter. </p>

<p>Webb is in a little more urban setting in a canyon above Claremont. It is a gorgeous campus and the town of Claremont is also artsy and fun. There is probably more to do here off-campus. A little more smoggy and hot but a nice area. Great music program here. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>You will get great academics at any of these campuses. I really think it is a matter of personal preference as to location and the feel you get for the campus, as well as available extra-curriculars.</p>