California Community College Transfer help me out!!!

<p>Hey guys I'm currently a California Community College sophomore. I was accepted into the USAFA as a senior and enrolled but unfortunately it wasnt exactly the experience I wanted for the next four years of my life. I came back to Cali and enrolled at my local JC and just wanted to know what my chances at schools like
UC- Berk, LA, SD, SB. USC and Pepperdine are also in the runnings. </p>

<p>Academics: Freshman Year Fall 07
English 111-A
Calculus 1-A
Micro Economics-A

<p>Spring 08- Got Mono and was out for 3 weeks...Im going to include this in my personnal Statement for the C I received in calc 2
Calculus 2- C
Macro Economics-A
English 1A- A
Political Science- A
Piano 1-A</p>

<p>Summer 08
Introduction to Business-A</p>

<p>Fall 08- Currently Enrolled
German 1A
Financial Accounting
English 2
Computer Science Information Systems</p>

<p>Work Experience
Insurance Company-20 Hours a week part time. Fall 07 - Current
Bagger- Sundays only. 6 hours a week. Fall 07 - Current
Coached MBVC Volleyball Club team for girls 16-1 Team. 4 hours a week with tournaments on weekends (Spring 08 Season)
Coached MBVC Volleyball Club team for boys 17-1 Team. Same working conditions (Fall 08 Season)
90 Hour Internship at Airport...worked with engineers and others.</p>

<p>Volunteer Work- Over 20 hours working with mentally challenged children on Sundays. </p>

<p>Major: Economics
Applying for Fall 09
GPA: 3.78
Thanks guys, all your help is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Don't know about Pepperdine or USC, but the UCs heavily weight completion of pre-reqs for your major..I think they have agreements with California Community Colleges, you should ask your counselor about this. If you're a Cal resident, and you've completed the pre-reqs with good grades (which you have), you should have a very good shot at all the UC schools.</p>

<p>Thanks but i talked to my counselor and there is no TAP or other transfer programs for UCLA and UCB at my CC. I think that they are for UCD and UCSB etc.</p>