California Community College Transfer Question

Im currently a freshman at Drexel University in Philadelphia and I want to transfer to USC Marshall. My advisor told me that one thing I can do is transfer to a community college in California and then transfer to USC. If I transfer to a community college next year (sophomore year), do I have to go to the community college for 2 years or just one year?
Also how does the california community college/transferring to California colleges (like UC's, USC, etc) work?</p>

<p>If you plan on finishing your freshman year (the full school year) at Drexel, then you probably would only have to spend 1 year at the CC. That's what I'm doing: I spent my freshman year at U of M and then have spent this year at a California CC, and I plan on attending a UC this fall (I applied already). </p>

<p>Transferring works by you applying by the application deadline (November 30 for the UCs) and then waiting patiently until midMarch-April of the following year for your admissions decisions. </p>

<p>Hope that helped.</p>

<p>You're not required to stay at a CCC for a certain amount of time. You just need to be in one for however long it takes to get your classes done with. </p>

<p>CCCs often have special agreements with UCs. On, there's a list of major pre-reqs and a general education requirement, IGETC, they'll want you to complete. Depending on when you're planning to transfer, let's say for example in the fall, you'll need to apply. I believe the deadline at least for UCB and UCLA is November 30th the preceding year. They'll want to know whether you've completed your required courses or if you'll have them done by spring. I believe the application is pretty standard, something you can figure out when you see it. There's also a personal statement, which is basically an application essay. I haven't gone through the application process myself yet, so an experienced member might have more info. </p>

<p>I'm also not too sure about USC, so that's something someone else on here might want to answer. I hope I helped!</p>

<p>EDIT: Just thought I'd mention that the classes on and the courses that qualify for IGETC depend on the CCC you attend. will also have further info about IGETC if you're curious and there are some notes written by the college about what they specifically want when you view the ASSIST report.</p>

<p>Go to Santa Monica City College SMC. I think they have the most USC transfers. Here is a list of the General eds needed for USC.</p>

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<p>USC is NOT part of the UC system, it's a private school... I don't think going to a CC matters so much for it as it would for a UC, as unlike a UC, it is not bound by law to give priority to CC transfer students</p>

<p>It doesn't matter where you come from for USC, unlike the UCs they don't give priority. You can also transfer to USC as a sophomore (after 30 units).</p>