California Community College Transfers Spring 2021

I searched and didn’t find a thread for this yet. Has anyone applied as spring '21 transfers?
I passed on applying to any UCs and decided to stay local. I’ve applies to CSU East Bay, San Francisco State, CSU Stanislaus, Holy Names University, and Saint Mary’s College.
I have already been offered admission to Stanislaus which is surprising because I wasn’t expecting to hear back from any schools for at least another month.
For reference, I am transferring with a ADT and East Bay is my local school.

Others may be able to help you better if you mention your college GPA and major applied to, since those are what matters for CSU transfer admission.

CSU Stanislaus is not impacted, and has no impacted majors besides pre-nursing. SFSU is not impacted, but has several impacted majors. CSUEB is impacted at the campus level, and nursing is an impacted major there.

A campus or major being impacted means that the admission threshold will be higher than baseline CSU admission eligibility.

Um… thanks, but that’s not what I was asking. I just wanted to hear about other people’s experience transferring. I am confident I’ll get into most of the schools I apply to and have a good understanding of impacted campuses. Also, nobody even mentioned nursing?
It seems like you think I’m asking about odds of admission, but I would just reach out to the schools I applied to for that information.
But thanks for your oddly uninformative response.