California Fires

I hope all of our CC members in northern and central California are safe from the wildfires. So far hundreds of structures have burned and 4 people have died. Air quality is bad from the smoke.

Having gone through the trauma two years ago of evacuating my home and thinking I wouldn’t see it again, I know what you’re going through. It’s not the stuff which can be replaced, it’s all those touchstones of memory in the letters from my mother who is now gone, my children’s mementos and photographs. I’ve spent hours during the shutdown scanning old photos and putting them on a Photostick in case of fire.

I think several frequent posters live in the fire zone. Wishing them the best.

My thoughts are with all of you in the wildfire areas. I can’t imagine how scary it is to have to evacuate what you can and then have to wait not know what has become of your home. When you look at the map of everything burning it is crazy.

D2 was leaving for a camping trip to Big Sur yesterday, but that had to be canceled because of the fires. She went to Santa Barbara instead (a closer drive) and was lucky to get a campsite, but she says the air quality is not great from the fires.

Definitely wishing all of you in the area or with loved ones in the area the best. Kudos to those giving their darndest to fight the fires and sympathies for those who have died fighting or in the fires. Sympathies too to all who have lost homes or similar.

What a year…

@showmom858 the smoke is pretty bad considering that we don’t have a local fire. We are scheduled to leave tomorrow for a camping trip up to Mendocino. It’s a long drive so have a stop tomorrow night scheduled in Petaluma. We are still on but know it’s subject to change. We have two nights at the end of the trip in Monterey/ Santa Cruz area that might be subject to cancellation.
My D lives in the area of one of the fires and she has one friend who lost her home and some of her animals. The friend was able to get her dogs and horses out but not the chickens and goats. It’s a scary time and the fires seem to get worse each year. But hey global warming isn’t real, we just need to rake e our dead leaves. (Said in jest)

@mom60 I’m so sorry for your D’s friend that lost her home and animals. When we had our horses in the 2007 fires here in San Diego they had to be evacuated in the middle of the night from the farm they were at. It was very stressful for my Ds at the time.