California Junior College Transfers!

<p>Where are you trying to transfer, and what is your gpa?</p>

<li>LB State</li>

<p>3.8 GPA Major: Business Admin</p>

<p>EC’s: Working 35 hrs/week</p>

<p>Philosophy Major</p>

<p>Transferring to CAL in 1 year. This summer I took EWRT2, I got an A.
ECs: Mostly from high school, volunteer, sports, nothing spectacular.</p>

<p>if you finish the course plan layout by your counselor from JC.. with 3.85, 3.9 or higher.. you should be able to get into Cal...</p>

<p>as for USC.. around 3.7 GPA you should be able to get in...</p>

<p>3.57 gpa, Political Science major(although I might apply to CAL and SC as a History major since I was going to double anyway and heard it was less impacted than poli sci) Give me yer thoughts on my chances gpa will be around a 3.78 by the end of this semster and I think they do take that into account. I am IGETC certified and have all my classes done except for two in progress this semster which I'll ace. I know UCB and UCLA are reaches but my major is not that competitive... atleast I think.
In order:
4.UCSanta Cruz

<p>Computer Science Major(L&S)</p>

<p>GPA around 3.79
try to apply UC-Berkeley and UC-Davis</p>

<p>what is my chance?</p>

<p>by the way, it doesn't include the spring semester,because the gpa for the spring semester is not to be considered by the admission office.</p>

<p>Hi, I'm wondering what my chances are of getting into UCB, UCLA, or UCSD. Currently my GPA is 3.944 </p>

<p>(however it may fall because i'm taking honor's classes this semester and it seems to be noticably more difficult, so it will probably be a 3.7). </p>

<p>Another issue though is, i previously went to another community college and had extremely bad grades, (incomplete classes). However, when i moved, i did take similiar classes to the ones i did poorly in and got A's in them.
Please let me know</p>

<p>3.85 gpa, Math Econ major. Are my transfer chances to the big UC's like Cal and LA realistic? Also, are privates like U of Chicago, Penn, or NorthWestern out of reach?</p>

<p>robbew.i think your chances are pretty good.
my friend had 3.75 gpa and got admitted to Cal and UCLA from last year. he was the president of the math club.</p>