California kids consider going to OWU?

My son has been admitted to OWU – actually to three Ohio schools (Marietta, OWU, and Mount Union). OWU is high on his list although he has also been admitted to Cal Lutheran. Any thoughts from California folks who are considering OWU? I know they are a fair number out there. We met a bunch at a recent reception.

I am a current student, so not in this recently admitted pool. But, I thought I’d comment to say that we do have quite a few enrolled students from enviably warm places (California, Florida, etc). So, your son would not be alone!

Myself, I am an out-of-state student (I believe about half of the student body is from elsewhere). If you are wondering about him heading back home for breaks, I should note that for the longer breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer) OWU has a shuttle bus that takes students the airport. Or, he could post on the Facebook page that he needs a ride and a student may offer to take him.

I do not think this forum is particularly active, but if you (or your son) have any questions about OWU/Ohio/the Midwest, I’d be happy to answer–or at least do my best.

My son is considering OWU as well but we live on the East Coast. When my son toured OWU, he said California had the 2nd most number of students at OWU from the 50 states. The Admissions office may be able to assist you.

My son ended up deciding to stay in California and go to California Lutheran University. OWU was his second choice though and he thought long and hard about it.

Congratulations to your son! He should enjoy Malibu. Just let the OWU admissions office know of your decision (if you haven’t already).