California parents with 3rd graders

<p>If you are a CA parent with a 3rd grader and are hoping for a spot at a UC, you have reason to rejoice.
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Demand for coveted University of California slots will soon drop
" The best news is for the parents of today's third-graders, who will face the least competition for UC slots when their children graduate in 2017. After that, student numbers start climbing again."</p>

<p>If there are any parents of third graders worrying about their kids chances in 2017, and already reading this forum, I only have this to say to them:</p>

<p>Get a life. :)</p>

<p>LOL.... but it is possible that there are a few parents of college-age teens here who also have much younger sibs. It might be a relief for some of them to know that things are going to get easier. ;)</p>