California Scholarship Federation-CSF

Hello everybody. I was just wondering if any of you kind folks knew how to start CSF at your school. I have the handbook, but it expects me to know to run big organizations like im some kind of bigshot mafia leader. So if any of ppl know to start or could give me advice on how start CSF at my school, shout me holla, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. if you are a founder of CSF at your school, PLEASSSSSSSSSSSEEEE TALK TO ME.

and while i’m hurr, can you guys give me any tips and suggestions on activities and things i can do to beef up my college resume. I’M OPEN FOR ANYTHING, JUST SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER ME SO I DON’T LOOK LIKE A LONESOME FOOL POSTING TO NOBODY.

okay, thank you for reading this and please reply.

aiite, thanks for your time.

<p>bump- cmon guys i'm serious</p>

<p>I've never heard of it, but here's an old cc post</p>

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<p>thanks for answering bettina, anything else guys?????????</p>

<p>bump- cmon guys- are you guys not answering cuz you guys dont know what CSF is??</p>