California State Univeristy to do list/check list not updating, won't reply to emails?

I’ve applied to CSU San marcos, fullerton, Northridge, LA, and Dominguez hills. I was accepted by San marcos soon after I submitted my seventh semester transcript, February fourth. however the rest of them still say that my application is incomplete and they need my seventh semester grades. I emailed all of them, fullerton got back and said they have it but no decision letter and to do list is still saying they don’t have it. the rest just never emailed me back. I emailed like a week ago. This is really aggravating, as my transcript was delivered over two weeks ago, it should not take that long to update or receive them and if two got them then I’m sure the rest did. I also don’t know why it is taking them so long to reply to my email. I don’t know what to do. If I call, they’ll probably just say they have it and then nothing will happen.

@feather64, when the colleges request a transcript they request it from everyone. And it says incomplete, because they haven’t made a decision ( but you’ll probably get in to all of them). My friend has already been accepted to fullerton, but your best bet is to call, obsessively if necessary, and leave messages, they’ll get back faster if you call.

yeah, It doesn’t just say incomplete though it says I need to send them my transcript which I did. I guess I will call but it’s really annoying that they won’t just update their websites or get back to me it makes me not want to go