California State University Long Beach Class of 2022 - Parents

This thread is for the parents of CSLB Class of 2022, to move discussions and questions from the student thread.

@webmlou @angelaxoxo Created this thread so we can discuss and compare options re: housing and waitlist options.

@kclcjc Thank you! Great idea. Time to separate ourselves. My daughter is still waitlisted for housing. We won’t begin to seriously search for off-campus housing until the July 18th deadline when CSULB says either yes or no on housing. We’ve already started to look at sites off-campus, there’s a lot of options out there. Not the first year experience I would hope for.

My primary worry about my daughter’s interest in CSULB was whether or not she’d get into the housing since they don’t have as many beds as other schools. She registered for housing in early April and thankfully got into the dorms. I hope your daughter gets off the waitlist soon. I too would not want to be looking for off campus housing for a freshman.

@webmlou @bacmom I REALLY do not want to have my daughter off-campus as a freshman…I will attend one of the parent orientation days and will talk to them in person. Losing sleep over the waitlist situation now.

I just called and now there are 200+ kids on the housing waitlist. My daughter has not moved up at all in 3 weeks. Considering she turned down over 10 offers to go here, I am not a happy parent right now

@kclcjc I get it. I would be just as unhappy as you are. Hopefully enough people will cancel housing to make room for your daughter and the others on the waitlist. If she has to live off campus, it seems that there will be other freshman in the same boat that she can room with. Good luck!

@kclcjc We are all keeping fingers crossed, it’s whole different stress level. I am having my daughter call every Monday and Friday. She called today and moved up 4 spots. Trying to coordinate PFO with SOAR but dates are so limited.

@webmlou I couldn’t get those dates to align either

Just got email from CSULB housing saying that it doesn’t look likely that she’ll get into a hall. 211 on waitlist.