California State University- LOS ANGELES--FALL 2019

@C105213 Thanks! I’m not sure actually but sometime this week. I sent my transcripts probably 3 days before the deadline and it took a while for them to post that they were under review.

Congrats! Just checked my portal too and I am admitted. This is actually my 4th time applying and have gotten in all 4 times but now deciding to go there. And to answer your question, they do send out e-mails but they tend to arrive in a week or so after the check mark appears. :slight_smile:

@rl2019 congratulations!
Where are you transferring from?
I am currently attending Los Angeles Valley College.
@StudentAgain my CSU gpa is 3.2 and my UC gpa is 3.35 I tried to figure why my UC gpa is high than my CSU compared to your and I’m seeing I took 2 classes that are only CSU transferable. And for both I got Cs. My golden 4 I have: 2 As 1 B and I am taking statistics right now.
Thanks for letting me know about CSUN.
@Rob9091 congratulations! What is the program you applied for? And what college are you attending? I’m also a bit confused about the 4 times you’ve applied?

@C105213 I just doubled-checked. I was admitted to CSUN yesterday. They sent me the decision through the CSUN email account

Accepted :).

Acceptance received at: 2/23/2019 1:58 AM
Major: Economics BA
GPA: 2.49 as of Fall 2018
Pre-requisites: Will complete in Spring 2019. I’m missing Calculus, which I’m repeating from last semester, and Statistics.
Golden 4: Will complete in Spring 2019. I’m currently taking oral communications, but I received an A for Critical Thinking, C for Math, and I used my AP English Literature score for Written Communications.
Local: Yes, Los Angeles City College
Applied: CSULA, CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB
Accepted: CSULB and CSULA!

I honestly thought this was the only school that would accept me considering how low my GPA is, but since CSULB has accepted me, I most likely will attend there. However, I live really close to East Los Angeles and I can’t drive, so there’s a small chance I will have to consider this school as well, we’ll see!

Congratz and good luck everyone!

@C105213 I can confirm that they DO send acceptance emails. I never checked my portal, I only knew because I received an email on my personal account.

@C105213 I’m also taking Stats, I really wish I didn’t save it for my last semester. What’s your major?

I was actually thinking the same thing as well with @Rob9091, did you apply every year for the last four years?

@muzzles are you just doing AA or the ADT? So this semester is a pretty hectic one then huh? I am taking statistics, African American studies and Library science. But two courses are only 8 weeks long. So you commute? The metro station is next to LACC. I applied for Criminal Justice, but if I do end up in a CSU I will change it to Political Science. I applied to CSULA, CSUDH, CSUN, and CSUF. I will take Fullerton though if they admit me.
I also applied to UCIRVINE for Criminology. UCI is the only UC campus I applied to. And I intend to double major doing Political Science if UCI admits me. UCI is my top choice. I will be happy where ever God sends me. I trust his plans for my future.

@C105213 I’m not doing AA or ADT. But yes, this semester is the worst. I was an idiot and left everything for the very last minute, so now I’m taking 17 units this semester. I really wish I had your schedule.

I do commute though, yes. I take the bus for a short amount of time. I’m actually moving from here so I can also take the bus to CSULB, and thankfully housing is cheap there! Do you commute as well? Will you be dorming in the future?

I wish I applied to UCI actually, but the UC application is such a hassle and UC is also super expensive, so I just chicken’d out. That’s crazy though, how, in the world are you going to double major in such a difficult subject? I can’t even imagine it. I hope you get in though! I’m also extremely grateful to God for my acceptance at CSULB :).

So CSU takes transfer without any AA? I’ve never heard anything like that. 17 units? That’s a lot. I can’t imagine doing 17 units myself. I do commute and I don’t plan to dorm. I will be commuting. So you had considered UCI during the application time? I believe the only part that is time consuming are the insight prompts. I really enjoyed the process of the UC application, and I refer to the insight prompts. I am sure that is because I really want to go to UCI. UC is expensive, but is affordable. When you want something so bad you search for that without thinking how you will be able to balance it. Is like a step you make with faith in your heart that everything will work out.
Everything just falls into place. The reward that UC offers will pay off any debt after graduation. Is so worth it.
Thank you so much! I feel you. It feels so good to know that you have been admitted. Especially to a campus one thinks won’t accept them. It makes the human more humble.

@C105213 @muzzles My major is Biology, I applied back in 2013 when there wasn’t any major criteria for majors and was accepted but failed to pass trig in the spring term (golden 4 math requirement). Reapplied for the Spring when it use to be opened to apply, also got accepted but withdrew from trig so admission was once again rescinded. Decided to give school a break and Then reapplied last year and got accepted but decided to go to another CSU for the Fall 2018 term. Im not happy at my current CSU, which is why I applied to CSULA again, and was offered admission again. My grades have increased significantly, passed Calculus with an A, from failing trig. I guess its just a matter of staying on top of studying, willing to go home to work on the material more and having a positive outlook!

@Rob9091 Younhave quite a story to tell. The important thing is you haven’t given up. You have maintained the attitude to keep moving forward! What CSU is the one you are not happy with?

Accepted! - Notified by email on Feb 23rd

Major: Art History
GPA: 2.99
AA-T: Yes
Pre-Req’s: All completed
G4: Math thru CLEP Exam (Spring’19)
Local: Yes, attended LATTC, SMC, & GCC
Applied: Cal Poly Pomona, CSU Sonoma (Admitted), CSU Channel Islands (Admitted), CSU Dominguez Hills (Admitted), UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, U of New Mexico, U of Denver, U of Illinois-Chicago

I didn’t do very well at the beginning of my college education. I technically am a non-traditional student (31yrs old), after a long break, I returned to school at GCC in Glendale, CA. My GPA from my current school is at 3.68 but my previous college work lowers my cumulative GPA down to 2.99.

If I don’t get into Cal Poly Pomona or UC Riverside, I think I might accept CSU Los Angeles’ offer or go to an out-of-state school if accepted.

@seiseiseis From one non-trad to another, congrats on all of your college acceptances!

Daughter was rejected at LA but got in to LB. We’re OOS.

@cinn124 that’s a bummer. A lot of locals prefer Beach over LA. Idk why but I’ve noticed that. What state are you coming from? And what program did your daughter apply to? Did she apply to other CSUs?

@C105213 we’re from NY. She only applied to those 2 but she’s ok with it. She applied to the psychology program.

@C105213 I’m so sorry for not seeing your question before! But yes, I was accepted without doing any AA! My counselor was also really shocked, but apparently it’s possible! Also, UC is still way too expensive compared to CSU. Although UC looks way better on a resume, I just can’t afford it. I wish though! I hope you get in, since it seems like you really want to go :">

@cinn124 I’m sorry! But if it makes your daughter feel better, The Beach is a really nice school with a really good location. I most likely will be attending there as well. Good luck to you guys!

@StudentAgain Thank you :slight_smile: Still waiting on CPP and the UC decisions is torture :’(

I just heard back from them this morning at the most bizarre time (they sent me an email at 3:10 am lol) saying I was denied. Anyone know what this means?

Dear Firefox952,

Thank you for applying to Cal State LA. Unfortunately, I must regretfully inform you that we are unable to offer you admission for Fall Semester 2019. Please be assured that this decision was made only after a thorough review of your application materials and qualifications, and weighing those qualifications against the competitive nature of our applicant pool.

Although we are unable to accommodate you for Fall 2019, if you are not admitted to another California State University (CSU) campus, the CSU will offer you the opportunity to redirect your Fall 2019 Cal State LA admission application to a non-impacted CSU campus for further admission consideration. The CSU Office of the Chancellor will email eligible applicants in April 2019.

Decisions are rarely overturned, and are considered only for extraordinary reasons beyond the control of the applicant. Failure to provide complete and accurate information on the admission application will not be considered as a basis for appeal. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 15 days of the date on the denial notification and must include a basis for the appeal and supporting documentation. We will notify you by email within 4-6 weeks, of our response to your appeal request. Only one appeal may be submitted for an academic term, so the packet must be clear and compelling when submitted. For more information, visit the Admission Appeals webpage.

Should you wish to consider Cal State LA for a future term, please be aware that you must meet admission deadlines and requirements that are in effect at that time. For more information, please visit the Admissions webpage.

Again, thank you for your interest in Cal State LA. I wish you every success in the future.




Office of Admission and Recruitment

California State University, Los Angeles

So does this mean they were too impacted to let me in for my major (especially since I’m a non-local) or was there too many people and they denied people with slightly lower GPA’s like me?