California State University- LOS ANGELES--FALL 2019

Any admission decisions yet?

I am a non local transfer student, completed all my CSU requirements including the golden four and also recieved my AAT in Psychology. i submitted my transcripts a few weeks ago and it still shows on my portal as my application incomplete so im still waiting.

Just got accepted yesterday
Major: History
G.P.A: 2.83
SAT: 1130

Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science
GPA: 3.07
AA-T/AS-T: None
Pre-reqs: All completed
Golden 4: All completed
Area: Rancho Cucamonga
Other schools applied to: SFSU, CSUSB, CSUN, CSULB, CPP, CSUF, CSUEB

Are you out of the local area?

Sorry… Caicai01, are you out of the local area?

@Caicai01 I am so confused how the CSULA portal works. And for the GET, even worse. How can I check my application status? Thank you!

@C105213 once you get on get click self service and then click on student center and then scroll down!

@Yvonnemrn Nope, I’m in the local area

@Caicai01 thank you! I just checked and my application is under incomplete. I don’t understand if my to do list is empty. Thank you though!

@C105213 Don’t worry about the incomplete. That means it’s incomplete on their end. I had that at first as well.

@Caicai01 Thank you for the clarification on how to see the admissions decision.

@C105213 Mine says incomplete as well and I also don’t have anything in my to-do list. Hopefully this changes soon :slight_smile:

@StudentAgain I hope so too! One week has passed since the first admissions were sent out. I check the portal at least 3 times a day. Lol

@Caicai01 I hope so!

I’m just here to say I was admitted today, or yesterday. I am not sure. It was 1:24am when I decided to log in my portal, and boom! There I was admitted. The last time I had checked was past 6pm yesterday and nothing. So either it was in the evening or after midnight.
Good luck on everyone waiting on CSULA!

I checked yesterday and it said incomplete but today it shows a green check for admitted. I’m going to go ahead and assume I was admitted? haha

@Novacandy yes if you have that green check then it means you have been admitted. So congratulations!
Also, don’t expect an email from CSULA congratulating you. I’ve heard in the past CSULA doesn’t send emails. At least I heard that from several ppl that were admitted but didn’t get an email.

@C105213 Thanks for letting us know! I went ahead and checked and was admitted too. Congrats!

@Novacandy Congrats! The same thing happened to me. It said ‘incomplete’ the whole time and I was very confused about it but now it says ‘admitted’ so I’m sure we’re good! haha


Major: English

CSU GPA: 3.42
UC GPA: 3.33
AA-T/AS-T: None
Golden 4: All A’s
Local: Yes, most units from Santa Monica College

Applied to: CSULB, CSUN, CSULA, CSU Pomona, UCLA, Cal, UCI, UCSD, UCSB (tagged)
Accepted to: CSULB, CSULA, & CSUN so far!

I previously attended UC Davis during the 2011-2012 school year and withdrew due to a medical diagnosis. I left UC Davis with a 2.52 but received straight A’s at Santa Monica College (2017-2019) which bumped it up to a 3.42.

Accepted! Checked my portal today and got the green check.

Major: Industrial Technology
GPA: 3.25
AA-T/AA-S: None
Golden 4: 3 A’s 1 B
Local: Yes local transfer

@StudentAgain congratulation on CSULA and the other CSUs. Also, when did CSUN admitted you? I applied there and nothing yet. I send my official transcripts 1 day before the deadline as well.