California Transfer Student

<p>So I've looked into the school, and I'm thinking about applying as a geology or wildlife bio major. Thing is the school is like my last option because my eyes are set on UC Davis for a completely different major, but does anyone know if the school is any good? I've seen the campus online and it's breathtaking, it makes me want to go there already. I've read that Missoula is a very liberal place to be at, and that the people are great. That's about all I know. I'm a huge nature guy, so the campus itself just draws me in all together. But I can't risk going to a school that might not have a bright future for me. So any info or advice would aid me greatly.</p>

<p>I don't know what you mean asking if Montana has a bright future for you, but it is a good option for someone who loves the outdoors & wants to pursue environment-related majors. Of course, like with all schools, there's no guarantees you'll get a good job right out of college - but Montana is smaller than UCD and may very well offer easier access to courses, research and faculty. Yes, Missoula is gorgeous (liberal, too) and a great place to go to school. Its OOS tuition is low (you'd be paying about the same as UCD) and the cost of living is very low compared to California. You should also consider Montana State in Bozeman. It has more in the way of the sciences/engineering/technology, so do take some time to compare the majors offered at both.</p>

<p>Well all I am really concerned about is enjoying my undergraduate experience, and having a job once I graduate. I am applying to UCD as an Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning major, and getting a concentration in city planning. Cal Poly SLO and Pomona are also on the top of the list for me, which I will also be applying to as a city planning major. If I do end up going to U of M I will most likely end up settling down there for a while, and I will definitely be heading down a different career path. Also I've checked out the Bozeman, and Western campuses and they didn't really spark my interest, so I only plan to apply to the Missoula campus. Honestly my school choice really depends on what school I get into, UCD and SLO being the most selective and Pomona and U of M being the least. In the case I don't make it into any of the schools in California, I want to make sure my last choice isn't one that I will regret.</p>

<p>Montana is not a great place for a new grad to look for a job, imo. Overall, it has few people and limited opportunities compared to a huge/diverse state like California. If you want to stay in the area of where you go to school, Montana, sadly, probably won't be a good choice.</p>

<p>I currently attend montana state university and have TONS of friends at UM. I've lived in montana my entire life. I respectfully disagree with katliamom... not a great place for a new grad to look for a job?... it's exactly like katliamom said- there are few people in montana, therefore making the preservation of nature and wildlife a subject of utmost importance to the state. That is why there are so many opportunities in wildlife, especially on federal grounds. Forest Service, wildlife fish & game and many other federal organizations thrive here. And if you're considering your education destination to be a place where you may want to live, then look no further. The pay in montana isn't the BEST, but it is so incredibly cheap to live. Additionally, there is no sales tax. </p>

<p>And to expand further, you would love Missoula. You are right in that it is a very liberal place. Everyone is very nice and the location is phenomenal. UM is a FUN, FUN place to be. You're never bored and coeur d'alene, idaho is only 90 minutes away if you feel like having a weekend at the lakes. It's a sincerely awesome place to be</p>