California Transfer

<p>I currently am enrolled at Palomar Community College, and am taking 14 units this semester, 7 of which fall under UC and CSU GE requirements. In the Spring 2012 semester I will be taking 19 units, all of which will be UC and CSU transferable. That will give me a total of 26 transferable units to UCs and CSUs after 1 year of community college, and will have completed Area A and Area D under CSU requirements, and completed Area 1 Area 2 and Area 4 in the IGECT UC requirements section. I am planning on taking a couple summer courses as well to bring my UC and CSU units to 30 after 1 year of Community College. I was wondering if all CSU and UC systems only allow students to transfer after taking a minimum of 60 units. I was also wondering if these schools allowed transfer during the Spring semester as well as Fall.</p>

<p>Be aware that you must also complete your major pre reqs.</p>

<p>First of all, stop worrying about how much units you are doing. Complete your pre reqs first then GEs. Summer will be going pretty fast so I suggest stick to only 1 4-5 unit class or 2 very easy 3 unit classes.</p>

<p>UC hardly accept transfer during Spring. Only excepts was Merced. Soon enough they will stop because they are only doing it because they are a new school.</p>

<p>Even CSUs are tough to get into during Spring. The crappy ones (crappy depending on ur major) accept easily tho.</p>

<p>Transfer U's really want an upper division student tho. Pick classes wisely.</p>

<p>Plz don't tell me ur desperate to transfer. You will take a lot of useless classes and be narrow minded and even fracture your fresh GPA. I was in a hurry too. But applying for internships and research opportunities can make you feel good about the cost and type of education u r getting.</p>

<p>I am not in a hurry to transfer, I would just like to be on track and be out of junior college in 2 years. I am planning on taking major prerequisite courses after I complete my GE.</p>