California universities!!!

<p>out of these which has the best film program
csu long beach.</p>

<p>or it would be really helpful if you could just tell me a little something about the film program in any of these schools, whether it has a good one or a bad one.</p>

<p>depends. i doubt each and everyone offers the same type of "film" program. some might offer "film studies" which is more academic, think of it like "art history". some might offer a hands on film program which involves production/direction/screenwriting, etc. It depends on your interest.
Assuming you're interested in the more hands on film program, I assume CSULB would have a stronger program just because of the proximity to LA, and because isteven Spielberg went there?</p>

<p>I know USC has a good film department. CSULB is a good choice as well if you're looking to save money. For more info visit: CSULB</a> Film and Electronic Arts Department: Home</p>

<p>yeah, thats funny that you said csulb. thats actually my top choice right now. i was just thinking about the other schools, specifically uc universities. i always felt uc's were a better choice over cal states. i don't know if thats true or not, but i was just curious in my other choices.</p>

<p>It definitely depends on the major. There are some good CSUs such as SDSU, CSULB, and Cal Poly which I would personally put ahead of lower tier UCs like UCM and UCR.</p>

<p>What exactly are your stats?</p>