<p>Which public schools in California are underrated and have small class-lecture sizes? I was thinking of UCLA or one of the other UC's earlier but am starting to feel overwhelmed by the class sizes and such. Is it really that bad that a class is so large? </p>

<p>What are the pros and cons?</p>

<p>public education in california is in the toilet right now....hehe just kidding its actually really good. i dont think you will find small classes at a UC or even a Cal state though. just a fact. large classes arent so bad to most, but what got to me the most were the profs. easpecially at UC's they have no passion for teaching. they just want to research. i wrote a long detailed post about this problem, let me find it. there are no pros to large classes.</p>

<p>i think uci is academically underrated, just my opinion. even though i didnt like it for many reasons and transferred. i like sdsu, everybody wants to go there so now its getting a lot more selective, which means brighter students.</p>

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<p>check that out</p>

<p>UCSC. there are only 2 large lecture hall type rooms on campus, they seat like 400 students each. Most classes are 100 or smaller.</p>

<p>I go to SC so i can answer any questions about it. right now my classes sizes are 21, 11, 3, 105 (but not even half actually attends regularly), and 33. I'm a freshman.</p>

<p>Cal Poly, I would say.</p>

<p>Humboldt state, Cal State Monterrey, Sonoma State are some california publics that tend to have smaller classes. Don't know about how small the intro. classes at Cal Poly are - I know three students there who complain about the sizes of their classes.</p>

<p>hmm. I'm a cal poly studnet and almost all my GE's are around 30 people. Science classes are typically around 110 in intro, and get down to 30 in upper-division. A few GE's can be big(around 200), but I've certainly been happy.</p>

<p>I'm not sure that large classes are really a bad thing, though. It helps you prepare for the real world.</p>