Call from illinois ECE department

<p>I thought it was cool that they called and asked if I had any questions. Very helpful!</p>

<p>yup. most colleges will call a few select applicants. usually james scholars or people with high stats. i would know since i did the same thing for las james scholars.</p>

<p>edit: its also super awkward for us...</p>

<p>Yes, got a call last night, too. Wasn't home at the time, but nice all the same.</p>

<p>would you pick Illinois ece over mit, berkeley, cal tech, stanford etc., the top schools. i'm curious how the curriculum between illinois' and other top schools differ by. is it too overwhelming at Illinois for an average student, as the stats of those admitted at Illinois is generally a bit lower than those at the other top schools.</p>

<p>i dont know, I didnt apply to those top colleges haha</p>

<p>I had one of those calls on the answering machine last night from the college of business. I just assumed they call everyone who was accepted. I thought it was pretty nice.</p>

<p>yeah I believe they call everyone who is accepted justto make you feel welcome and all and learn more</p>

<p>That's great. !!!</p>

<p>So if I didn't get a call, does it mean I have an auto-rejection? I thought the decision only comes out after 2/17...</p>

<p>it was for the students that got admitted December 16th. so it doesn't mean you were rejected.</p>

<p>OK, thanks!...that's tremendous relief!!! I'm just hoping I can get in UIUC on 2/17!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!</p>

<p>yeah don't worry about not getting a call. one, there are thousands of people to call, and i can almost guarantee that they don't call every single person that was accepted. two, they continue calling in the march/april. at least that was when i was calling people.</p>