Call from wooster

My DS got a call this evening from Wooster. They are strongly encouraging him to apply for the College Scholar award. He’s not been admitted based on his portal. I’m assuming he will be.

Wondering if others were called or if this was something special.

Aw, back in the day I had to drive all the way out and take a test for this but I didn’t get it. Did they send you the application information?

He’s downloaded it off the portal.

There’s an essay (he’s so tired of these essays as you can imagine).

No test. But an interview over the phone. He’s not visited yet.

I think it is not a call to everyone. He should apply! My child did not get such a call last year.

Of all the other merit awards, the most he can get is I think $30k/yr. The College Scholar Award is $34k/yr. So as I asked my son, is $16,000 worth an hour of your time?
Son wrote the essay & submitted. LOL
But no, he didn’t get a phone call prompting him to do so.

As @ChaosParent23 mentions, it’s all about the $. They don’t call everyone, so if they are suggesting it, it’s probably worth his time. My D applied for it last year, received it and it bumped her award up from $120K to $128K (last year the Scholar award was $32K annually). Good luck!

I got 31k a year with my admissions decision, and I got a call to apply for the scholarship. I think they probably tell the accepted students who got more than the “minimum” numbers they’ve published. (I’m pretty sure it was 29 ACT and top 15% of class)

Funny he has not been actually admitted yet. His ACT was a 35 and he has an uw GPA of 3.97.

Mine hasn’t either. His stats aren’t as good as your student’s, but they’re still good. According to a few chance me calcs my S has like a 95% likelihood of getting in, so yeah… you can assume your student will hear good things, I think. LOL

He only applied on 11/7. So maybe that’s why.

I think more likely they are waiting for him to submit for the College Scholar. If you look back on last year’s EA thread, most of the kids heard around Thanksgiving. Then there were another few kids that heard right before xmas… those kids were given the College Scholar. I think it’s b/c those kids go thru a second round, which takes longer obviously.

Granted, this is a good bit of assumption & guessing. However, I know Admissions, as well as the COW admins as a whole, to be genuine & forthcoming. They wouldn’t call for no reason, or to “blow smoke”.

It would be nice if he got that and didn’t need to audition for a music scholarship. I doubt they would give BOTH.

May be worth a call to the AO. I know they won’t give Deans AND Scholar.
I can’t find anything that says how much a music scholarship may be worth, nor do I see anything stating you can’t have both. However, I’ve also never heard of COW giving more than 50% in merit. Anything over 50% is usually a combination of grants, work study, and federal loans.

I’ll give you an example using the early price indicator they did for my S this past fall. They gave him $30k in grants, then I think somewhere in the ballpark of $2k in work study, and $5k in loans. Is that exactly what he’ll end up receiving? Probably not. But it at least is a good estimate & better than the net calculators.

Yeah Wooster is vague on the music scholarships. It’s a lot of work, too.

We don’t get FA so merit is the goal.

@tytonidae good luck to him! The only thing I remember about Wooster was eating in a restaurant with a sign on the wall “We grow our own beef.” I was freaked out - this was way before the locavore movement and I had never been near a cow, having grown up in the city. I also thought Wooster would force you to go to chapel because of the religious affiliation. Amazing we all got to college with just the Peterson’s to guide us.