Callaway House

<p>So I've been admitted into TAMU. It was my absolute first choice so I've already accepted. Now I need to finish figuring out where I want to live. I have visited Callaway House two times already and feel like this is an awesome place to live and stay as a Freshman. Does anyone have any prior experiences with Callaway or know anyone who has? Anything will help.</p>

<p>I have heard it’s nice but you would miss out on the dorm experience, which I think everyone should have. Do not live in The Gardens (A&M owned apartments). A&M is NOT properly protecting the place like the other housing. They are having lots of problems with things being stolen there - bikes, etc.</p>

<p>Callaway is pretty nice. I’d pick that over the other 2 off-campus dorms.</p>

<p>Since you are a freshman, you won’t be on West Campus. Have you looked at the Traditions? Right across from Main campus and in Northgate.</p>

<p>My son is a Freshman at Callaway and so far likes it. He is not missing out on the dorm experience as he is sharing a two bedroom suite with 3 other students. He says the food is good.(that may change by mid spring when he gets sick of it). He rides his bike to almost all classes and takes the bus sometimes. There are quite a few kids that are just going to Blinn there as well. He does not study in the dorm but goes to the libraries to study. So far, no complaints. The one good thing that happened is they matched him up with people of like interests. He has already become close friends with his suitemates and they have gone fishing and hunting together when time allows. I will say that many of the kids there have gone or plan to go greek. He has not expressed either way whether or not he will follow that path. The cost is reasonable if you share a two bedroom with four people. We wanted him to have the dorm experience as well. The parking is fairly convenient but a little pricey. When there are big events on campus, football game, ring day, presidential visit, etc. access can be tough. We also looked into The Traditions at Northgate. We had heard from several people that it can get loud when the bars in Northgate close. Also, the place smelled like a High School Locker room. As far as the on campus experience, he has many friends on campus and hangs out there quite a bit. It has so far turned out better than expected. Good luck with your choice.</p>