Calling All 2006 Cornell Ed'ers-group Huddle

<p>well everyone, only 18 hours left until the results are posted. I just want to say GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and always keep in mind that there are always other great schools. </p>

<p>We're one of the last ED schools to be notified and i think we're one of the most emotional boards in the whole CC site (penn was pretty crazy too), with all the stressing, countdowns, and the leak. Cornell Board remains is very unique. Heck I wasn't even involved with CC drama until last week.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the current Cornell students who help out on this site. You guys help a lot.</p>

<p>it has been fun with you CC'ers. remember it's only a decision and their decision means nothing about who you are. Definitely keep that in mind.</p>

<p>In 18 hours our lives will change for better, and NOT for worse.</p>


<p>ok i'm done with my corny speech.</p>

<p>Our destinies will all be revealed tomorrow.</p>

<p>oh and everyone PLEASE go to sleep and CONCENTRATE on your exams.</p>

<p>Worrying is NOT going to help!</p>

<p>Me? Worry? Never...</p>

<p>kind of a lot. Aheh. ;) Ah, only a matter of hours! Good luck to everyone! <3</p>

<p>good luck to everybody!!! Hopefully i'll be able to employ a few of you to carry my books for me next year :)</p>

<p>justin... you gotta represent. architecture 20...11!</p>

<p>HEY!!! EVERYBODY!!!!</p>



<p>WE OWE IT TO OURSELVES, WEVE stressed SOO Much!!</p>

<p>ok go party. go to sleep around 6, wake upa round 5. live life</p>

<p>peace you guys!!</p>

<p>well i am really really excited!!! and nervous!!! but im also really tired!!! gtg sleep!
good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully we'll all get good news tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i wont be sleeping. Statistics final tomorrow. <strong>weeps</strong></p>

i can't go to bed</p>

<p>mr rubber ducky.. it seems like you're the only one who's happy here ;)</p>

<p>See you guys tommorow. I'll be checking my results tommorow morning at 10 (For you guys in the States, probably 12pm Eastern time). I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. Cya</p>

<p>good luck</p>


<p>gotta make like t-mac and keep clutch right now. rockets '06, baby!</p>

<p>hahha, man this was such a dumb post =P</p>

<p>yes! another rockets fan! what a comeback last night against golden state, even though t-mac wasn't the only clutch one coming up w/ a three pointer... we owe it to luther head! <- rookie of the year!</p>

<p>until then... we still have an 8-12 record, so peace</p>

<p>well according to that link im accepted..but im still nervous as hell...damn homie...1 hr and 37 minutes left =-o</p>

<p>yea rockets play again!!!!!
its on national television too but i fear i would be too sad to enjoy the game</p>