Calling all AP Art History students...

<p>Anyone taking this course or the exam??How are you studying for it? :)</p>

<p>I am! I have the greatest teacher on the face of the earth for this fact he's the only reason I took the class!</p>

<p>But anyway, I've been outlining Janson's History of Art and Gardner's Art Through the Ages preparing for the exam, in addition to paying attention to slides in class rather than falling asleep. Not much more you can do!</p>

<p>i'm taking it too, except my teacher sucks and the class is a total bore. im focusing on my other aps rather than this. i did well in the class throughout the year, but no schools really give you credit for it unless you get a 5, so i'm going to be realistic and study for the tests that i think i can ace.</p>

<p>Same here. This credit you get from this test should you get a 5 is basically meaningless. Focus on your other exams.</p>

<p>My only other exam is APUSH, and I will definitely get a 5 unless something really bad happens. :) I am a litte worried about Art History since I did horrible on the in class practice exam. Does anyone know how the grading scale?</p>