Calling All Freshmen!!!

<p>Come on many of us here (and I mean freshmen...) can honestly say we are not worried (or obsessed, obsessed anyone? :eek: ) about college? </p>

<li><p>Write down what you have done, and am currently doing that you think would benifit your chances at getting into a good college.</p></li>
<li><p>Write down your future goals (which you actually plan to accomplish) for the next three years of high school.</p></li>
<li><p>List the colleges you are interested in, and why.</p></li>

<p>There are freshmen on this board. I started a simular thread to this a few months ago. I will post later on the answers to your question.</p>

<p>By the way, I'm classified as a sophmore, even though I'm in ninth grade. I will be with the class of '07.</p>

<p>I'm a freshman. Nice to meet you Lily. I'm just curious, where do you live in Nevada. My younger cousin lives there.</p>

<li><p>i definitely don't have 20 ECs that one usually sees on this board, but i am dedicated to the few that i do. Boy Scouts (currently a life scout, working on eagle), Speech and Debate (really fun but takes up a lot of time), and finally AYSO soccer.</p></li>
<li><p>my future goals for high school is just to do my best and keep up my academic determination. For speech and debate, i would like to become more competitive and actually start suceeding LOL.</p></li>
<li><p>I'm very interested in business, so my dream school would be Wharton at UPenn, but obviously that is quite a reach. I'm also considering going to study economics in England if i don't get into UPenn.</p></li>

<p>Nice to meet all of you; I have relatives in North Carolina. Where do you live in N. Carolina?</p>

<li><p>I don't do my EC's to benifit my chances of getting into a college. I do them, because I'm passionate about them. Most of them I will continue beyond high school. With that said, I have very few EC's, compared to other CC members. I am an officer for a community service organization, currently on the drill team (quitting this year), do community service outside of school by myself, member of Black History Club, part of a performance dance theatre group outside of school (the dance theatre group specializes in modern dance, jazz dance, and musical theatre), part of an acting troupe outside of school, and I am also trying out for my dance studio's company in a couple of months.</p></li>
<li><p>My future goals for high school is to try to get all A's (might seem impossible, but the key word was try), increase my dance and acting techniques/ skills, and also to keep on having fun.</p></li>
<li><p>The schools that I want to apply to (subject to change) are Brown University, Rice University, University of Southern California, Fordham University, University of Houston, and New York University. I like being in the city and urban environments. </p></li>

<p>I like Brown's open curriculum. They offer the majors that I'm interested in. They have a diverse student body. It's close enough to drive to New York or Boston. Also, Providence is a great city. The student population isn't huge. It seems more relaxed, but still interesting.</p>

<p>I like Rice University because of its proximity to the Galleria (yeah I know that shouldn't be a factor), their residential system, and the student population size. They also offer majors that I'm interested in. Even though they have the distribution requirement, atleast their program is very flexible. Houston's weather is warmer than up north. Also, the cost is managable.</p>

<p>I like University of Southern California because it's in L.A. They offer majors I'm interested in. They have the Thematic Option Program (which is very challenging, and not restrictive), that can substitute their general requirements.Also, the program seems very interesting. The weather is good. Their student population isn't super huge. The student body is racially diverse. For some people that wouldn't be important to them, but it is to me...based on experiences.</p>

<p>Recently, I have been made aware of Fordham. They have amazing theatre and dance departments. It's located in the NYC. Also, while I was learning about Fordham, I found out from a person on CC that Fordham gives out great scholarships. This person really opened up my eyes. But, I'm kind of wary of Fordham's religious affiliation.</p>

<p>I like University of Houston because they cost less, because I'm in-state. It is located in Houston, and also has many extracurriculars which are dance related. The weather is warmer than the north. The student body is racially diverse. Also, they offer majors that I'm interested in. </p>

<p>New York University is located in the heart of Greenwich Village. Lots of internship opportunites. They have two departments which I am interested in, Tisch and Gallatin. The only con is that they are not very generous with financial aid.</p>

<p>All of the schools that I want to apply to have dance. They either have it as a major/minor, or as different types of dance as student organizations, that are competitive.</p>

<p>1.) I have only a few ECs, but I really enjoy them. I have taken the PSATs, and I have a 4.0 so far (not saying much, though, since it has only been three advisories...).</p>

<p>2.) I shall probably add a few ECs next year, improve my PSAT/SAT scores, and keep my GPA up while taking a challenging courseload. I also want to take some classes at a local college in my senior year.</p>

<p>3.)Some of my favorite colleges are...
[<em>]strong academics, especially sciences
[</em>]quirky and liberal student body
[<em>]LAC with 1000-3000 students (2000+ preferred)
[</em>]in an interesing small town
[<em>]location: northeast or midwest, maybe west
[</em>]nice architecture
[<em>]study abroad programs
[</em>]good vegan/vegetarian food[/ul]</p>

<p>(oops...Forgot to mention myself after starting the thread) :o</p>

<li><p>My gpa is 4.125 (yes...I've heard, lots of freshmen have great gpa' big deal). I haven't taken the PSAT or SAT yet, but I'm ranked at the 99.7 percentile in the nation with some standardized tests I've taken before. I'm in two honors classes, and an advanced choir class. I've gone to Area Honor Choir and Area Solo and Ensemble (with excellent ratings). I've done a little community service...not much. frankly, I made the mistake of promising myself I would take a break this year from EC's (last year was crazy), but now, I found out that I shot myself in the foot. So far...I have no real job other than some modeling here and there.</p></li>
<li><p>For my high school years, i definately plan on keeping straight A's. AP classes anyone? My school doesn't offer that many, how about yours? Singing is a high priority on my list. I plan to stay in my advanced choir, and continue trying out for the Honor's choir and Honor's Solo and Ensemble. I also plan to work during the summers with a professor at University of Nevada Reno. Volleyball, track, and cheerleading are on my sports list, but aren't major. </p></li>
<li><p>I've given thought to the usual...Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell. But since I've come to this site, I've learned that I'm going to have to step it up a WHOLE lot. Other than that, I am looking for universities that have a good engineering department, or business school. I'm also interested in the UNiversity of Washington, St. Louis, and Babson College. My interest is really spread out thin I'm trying to focus a little on what I want.
-large campus
-small class sizes
-somewhere on the East coast (unless it's Stanford or UCB)
-study abroad program
-good music department
-it doesn't have to be uber-prestigious, but it can't be a place no one has ever heard of
-I'm blanking out right now b/c I'm pretty tired...but there's a few more I should list
-good engineering/business school</p></li>

<p>you guys are nice people, but this is sick.</p>

<p>This always happens..there is always someone who thinks that freshmen shouldn't be on CC..</p>

<p>My school offers a lot of AP classes, but there are so many prerequisites, that some of them are rarely taken. Next year, I will be in Psychology AP. The AP classes that I will be taking for junior year (if I am recommended for them, but also I might change my mind over the math) are U.S. History AP, Spanish V AP, Statistics AP, and Lit. and Comp. AP. For the sciences I will be taking honors courses, and my electives will be photography and musical theatre over the years.</p>

<p>To Lily: I was thinking about doing track, but I decided against it. I didn't have enough time and all. They were even willing to let me skip practice, and let me practice and condition by myself at home, and then show up at the track meets to run. If I had done track, I would've made varsity. They don't have long distance runners, and I run the 1600 and 2400 in a decent time. I will take the PSAT next year, and junior year. I will be taking my SAT and SAT II tests next year. You have some cool EC's.</p>

<p>There are tons prereqs for AP and honors courses at my school. Luckily for next year, I got into all of the classes i wanted to get into including World History AP, Spanish 4 AP, English 2 Honors, and Algebra 2 Honors. Later on, I'll just try to take as many AP and honors courses that my school offers besides maybe science.</p>

<p>ahhh little innocent, so naive, so young...aren't they cute? :p</p>

<p>yes. and frightening.

<p>Yes...we're cute little freshmen...who are on this site for a reason. Anyone here who isn't a freshmen...feel free to help us out!</p>

<p>gosh im a freshman too but to me, freshman year is extremely easy.. I've been slacking off but I'm still getting A's, strange isnt it? Oh yeah, i just go on this site because hey, its actually interesting reading. And I LOVE reading, so yeah.. </p>

<li><p>Hmm, right now im in Math educational resources integrated with science and technology (MERITS), CSF, ASB position, Peacemakers, and some other clubs. I enjoy the clubs because its interesting. Hmm, I mean, sure you gotta think of what to do to benefit your chances of getting into a good college, but then its too early to tell as its only freshmen year. Some people just go downhill from here. </p></li>
<li><p>My future goals in high school is to simply try to maintain straight A's and get the possible highest gpa that I can get. Right now, I'm getting a 4.20 and school seems pretty easy, as I am in some classes with sophomores. The teaching isnt too hard and next year when I get AP bio, the teacher is extremely easy so he gives out 20 free extra credit points for not "using the bathroom" during class time. I guess you can say I go to a really easy high school where almost no body is competitive or even trying.</p></li>
<li><p>Colleges that I am interested in attending are those outside of SoCAL. I really wana get outta here, as its not like it seems. I wanna travel and know places, and i guess in the end its all about the schools with the big names. Sure, i know you pick the school right for you. However, my math teacher says that a degree from say some liberal arts college or whatever isnt as high as a degree from the Ivy leagues, i mean come on, it makes logical sense. </p></li>

<p>As for the whole freshmen thing, yes i know freshmen year dont mean much, but hey its the one that ultimately determines school rankings for those who have rankings. Oh yeah, I'm asking on behalf of my brother. He just got a BS in Biochemistry from some UC. Can you guys recommend a decent pharmacy schools that accepts 3.0 students? Or any of the easier pharmacy schools to get into? Thanks so much! I feel so bad that he's been rejected by so many schools, its depressing.</p>

<p>I am perhaps the most experienced non-parent here. I was here way before my freshman year...mauahahaha <em>looks around</em> yes I'm wierd</p>

<p>And someone above thought we freshmen were frightening....(jk)....</p>