Calling all masochists: Who wants to read my 'Why Penn?' Essay?

<p>Yes I pretty much wrote it today… from scratch, with very little direction, flow, or coherence (yay Procrastination)</p>

<p>Would anyone mind tearing it to shreds? (Harsh but meaningful critique)</p>


<p>sure, PM it to me. I probably won't get back to you until later tonight though...</p>


<p>n : someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment</p>

<p>and u said that b/c reading your essay is a punishment, trust me, it helps the reader as much as it helps you; they get ideas, and it helps them a lot.</p>

<p>Lmao, you know, being an admissions officer isprobably as painful as it sounds. These people have so much patience and tolerance!</p>

<p>pm me, i'll look at it!</p>

<p>sure, bring it on; i'd love to read yours not as punishment but as pleasure</p>

<p>yeah, send it to me as well, it might even be inspiring lol. i'm good at editing others' papers, not my own for some reason.</p>

<p>Pm It To Me</p>

<p>I'd like to read it and give feedback...PM me</p>

<p>ill read me</p>

<p>Ill send out the 2nd batch of PM's now... thanks for the advice so far.</p>

<p>Im currently cramming page 217 (or whatever) of my autobiography and am hoping to have it done before the night is over so that I have a couple days to do last minute editing.</p>

<p>(heh I also hope to edit ny page 217 for a "story" that I will submit for my Columbia essay... can anyone beat my procrastination stylings?)</p>

<p>ill read it too, and if ur worried...ive already gotten in ed</p>