Calling all NorthStarMom's (or something like that) fan club!!!!!!

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I just wanted to see if there are any other NorthStarMom fans out there (i am not sure if that is really her name). My dad has been reading this site for over a year and has never posted a single response, but every time we go somewhere he always says "that NorthStarMom is so know she is a Harvard interviewer." I can't help but laugh (my dad is such a nerd lol). Well if there are any other people obsessed with NorthStarMom just post it up. I want to get a count ^^</p>

<p>Definately a member. My son listens to her...</p>

<p>I think the original post is very strange......very!</p>

<p>Well, I wouldn't say it is VERY strange - I think we all tend to have favourite posters. Eg. I'll invariably read any post by Susan from Vermont because I like her cheerful, levelheaded advice. And remember, Xiggi had his own, very vocal fan club! I respect Northstarmom's perspective. The experiences she relates as an ivy interviewer have been very similar to mine. I particularly like her take on Harvard as being about so much more than test scores.</p>

<p>Thank you for all of the nice comments. They were very uplifting. I am very stressed this week because I am helping with some major events at S's school and there have been lots of unexpected challenges. We also had a scare in which it looked like my husband had a stroke. Fortunately, he is OK. That scare, though, put my other stresses in perspective.</p>

<p>It's nice to know that my comments are helpful. </p>

<p>I hope all of the juniors who take the PSAT today are having a smooth experience and end the test feeling that they did their best. </p>

<p>You'll see me more here after this busy week ends.</p>

<p>Northstarmom - I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. That must have been very scary. Glad to hear that it worked out OK in the end. Hope next week is better for you.</p>


<p>I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but happy to hear that the worst seems to be over. Will he need a long time to convalesce? I'm glad, too, that you're back on CC.</p>


<p>I am sorr to hear about your husband's recent health scare, but I am glad that he is on the mend. Glad you found your way back "home', you were missed</p>

<p>I, too, am sorry to hear of your husband's health scare and all the stresses this would cause in your family. You are right, times like those, put everything else into perspective. I hope he is doing all right now. Good luck with the school events. Your son's school is lucky to have your involvement. </p>

<p>Look forward to your posts in the future and hope the days ahead are more positive.

<p>NSM, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's health. Such situations always help us prioritize more appropriately. I hope things begin to improve very soon.</p>

<p>Sam, what was very strange (IMO) was the call for people "obsessed" with NSM to post so that all "obsessed" could be counted. I don't know, that's strange to me and would have alarmed me. Being obsessed with an internet acquaintance is far different from respecting the opinion of an informed poster. I guess I'm just more skeptical about posters like blackminority......remember my response to AnnieIvy? And I got blasted for not being nice to poor Annie...she was s sham!</p>

<p>Good lord, that must have been scary, Northstar! I'm so glad to hear it was a false alarm. Tell your husband I hope he's feeling feeling better pronto!</p>

<p>Blackminority, I wouldn't say I'm "obsessed", but I would definitely say I'm a fan of Northstarmom's. She is definitely one of CC's treasures, providing timely and valuable advice to students and parents alike. I hope she'll stick around for a long time!</p>

<p>NSM, another voice in the chorus - thank heaven your husband is ok. Thank you for all the good advice!</p>

<p>Ahhhhh.....You haven't been yourself in the last week's postings, NSM. I almost posted something to ask if you were okay...</p>

<p>Hope things continue upward! Life can get so stressful....</p>

<p>I don't check in as obsessed, but like everyone here I respect her posts and enjoy reading them. Above all I respect the lack of "cliqueishness" in posts I see on so many forums, no personal attacks and no unnecessary rebuttals unless asked for by others and I really feel that everything on forums like these need to be taken with a few handfuls of salt; northstarmom is the helicopter pilot with salt shakers on the propellers flying around adding sense as needed! as nicely as possible but it does not get in the way of helpful advice. To end with the third person I am so sorry about the scare and hope your husband (& yourself and family!) recover quickly.</p>

<p>Hey NSM. If you remember me I'm the one that kept asking about Spelman. Hope you're doing fine.</p>


<p>I am a fan of most who posted above. Trust me your responses have been a topic of discussion during our 'family time'.</p>

<p>NMS hope everything and every one is OK.</p>

<p>I think that she is one of the most knowledgeable and authoritative posters here too. Echoing everyone's get well wishes too!</p>

<p>I'm with Simba. I'm a fan of so many intelligent, generous, and helpful people here, and do keep the family updated on CC stuff. Northstarmom, I wish your family the best.</p>

<p>NSM fan club member #14526 checking in ;)</p>

<p>I truly enjoy NSM's intelligent and insightful posts on these boards :). Btw, NSM, if you have any questions on SHARP this year, please feel free to ask. I had a wonderful experience and I highly encourage your S to apply this year!</p>

<p>CC has an amazing number of VERY well informed people, all in one place and eager to help. I almost feel like I should be paying for these consultation sessions...:)</p>