<p>I need more ideas for senior awards.. it's suppose to be light and fun..</p>

cutest couple
most chill
killer smile
best legs
best dancer
best voice
biggest flirt
best prankster....</p>


<p>these are some that we have:
best hair
future pulitzer prize winner
hottest wheels
seen before heard
heard before seen
best laugh
most politcally active
most demerits (or pink slips or whatever you have)
late everyday</p>

<p>um all i can think of for now</p>

<p>we have:</p>

<p>most involved
most likely to beome president
best smile
best dancer
most likely to be late to class
best car
worst car
tallest & shortest</p>

<p>some that my school has</p>

<p>should be couple
bestest friends
lives at school
most likely to end on a reality show
most like a freshman
biggest money maker
fashion icon</p>

<p>We've got something like...(boy and girl for each)
best hair
best eyes
best smile
most likely to succeed
best laugh
most likely to be president
most theatrical
most likely to be seen at a party (for boys our school police officer won)
and...some others</p>

<p>we've got the usual..</p>

<p>best personality
best shoulder to cry on
best friend
best style</p>

<p>and then we've got some cool ones that you don't normally see..</p>

<p>most likely to be an abercrombie model
most likely to be on the cover of cosmo
most likely to be on the rock of love
most likely to be on american's next top model
most likely to never leave town</p>

<p>we've got some interesting ones too:</p>

<p>most likely to be the next Bill Gates
most likely to turn up on a 'wanted' poster
miss UVA tan
future hot soccer mom</p>


<p>most likely to be ready
most likely
most likely to have not slept in recent memory</p>

<p>most musical
party animals</p>

<p>Most likely to get lost in the woods
Most dramatic
Most athletic
Prettiest eyes
Most likely to conquer corporate America
The "Dog Ate My Homework" Award
Most likely to be in a music video</p>

<p>most eccentric
most likely to join the russian mafia (based on looks,voice,build)</p>

<p>Most likely to take over the world</p>

<p>most well-rounded</p>

<p>we have male and female for both.
Best hair/smile/style/eyes....
most unique</p>

<p>Most likely to:
marry rich
fall asleep in class
ditch lunch
ditch class
ditch tutoring (it's required if you have a 0 on an assignment or < C)
be late to class
be found at the mall
be famous</p>

<p>most changed</p>

<p>most likely to survive if abandoned on a desert island.</p>

<p>Most likely to:</p>

<p>appear on American Idol
win an Oscar
turn heads
be the next Donald Trump
return to <em>insert high school name</em> as a teacher
become the next president</p>

<p>Best eyes
best smile</p>