Calls/Priority hold

@mtmama I’m pretty sure some Kids have already gotten calls though…but I see what you are saying or maybe I dont?

@jbrown Who knows… I am just hanging on that we haven’t heard anything yet. But then again, she’s not on the wait list either, so who knows.

I think it’s likely they haven’t gone through your stack yet!

D got an email that she is moved from priority hold to official waitlist. I’m assuming this means all offers have been made and the waitlist would come into play if offers are declined. Anyone have additional insight?

You are correct. I think all initial offers are out , but there are some undecideds; and so there may well be movement from the waitlist. There are some big notifications from other schools happening this week that may impact those kids who haven’t yet said yes to TXS; and then perhaps the trickledown effect begins.

@shellbell1 Did they give any indication of where your D stood on the waitlist, are they in any particular order?

No indication of order, just a notification

I made a comment on another post already. I wanted to know if there was any updates for you guys. A student told us that all initial offers weren’t made yet.

Kaitlin let my daughter know that there may be some more clarity this weekend. She was originally priority hold and then moved to the WL. I have no idea how TXST’s process works, we are just waiting and keeping in touch as my D evaluates other offers. TXST would be very high on her list, though and it is so cost effective. Great program - checks most of the boxes!