Calls/Priority hold

I know two priority holds that were emailed last night. One from moonifiefs, one from Chicago Unifieds. Does anyone have a clear picture of how the process works? It seems that acceptances waitlists and rejections can come from the hold list and with varying time tables… Any more info out there?

There have been some offers made (about half). More will come after deliberations this weekend. Expect more offers and priority holds over the next 3-4 weeks. I would expect that all offers will be out by then and perhaps a waitlist will start. Basically, if you haven’t heard “no” you are still in consideration.

@MTDadandProud - so what’s the difference between between priority hold and not hearing anything yet? I assume you’re in good shape if you’ve heard you’re Priority hold? Still haven’t heard anything yet and it’s tops on the list here

I’m not sure. All I can really tell you is that if you haven’t gotten a no you are still under consideration. I do know that they are continuing deliberations and will be sending out offers and priority holds over the next few weeks.

We haven’t heard anything, but a friend of a friend got the acceptance call yesterday (boy). Does anyone know if any “not accepted” notifications have gone out to anyone yet?

I have anecdotally heard of boys getting calls last week but haven’t heard of girls yet but I’m not particularly well connected so that may have happened!

I know of one girl that got an acceptance call last week on Monday.

D on Priority hold. Please update as you hear of offers going out!

@shellbell1 So close!! That’s great news :slight_smile: Did she get a call or email?

The priority hold was an email - my D got the email last week. And, now we wait.

I have heard there are about 4-5 more offers to make. There are offers out now about evenly split between male and female. If past history is any indication, about 3-4 make it in off the waitlist every year. One year no one did (100% acceptance) and one year I think 6 did. That’s the high and low I think.

Thank you @MTDadandProud - Fingers crossed for everyone!!! 8->

So basically if you haven’t heard anything (call or priority) you’re a no?

@frisbee3 did you receive a letter after the audition that you were on-hold until the end of the process?

So those who did not get a call. Waitlist, or rejection yet… we are we next wave of waitlist? Or rejections?

@FROG65 - we’ve got nothing…

@frisbee3 I don’t fully understand the whole process myself. I don’t think anything means anything until it’s a “no”

Friend got a priority hold email today. Still nothing here.

I do remember Kaitlin saying they would go through the kids in groups of 100 at a time … so that may explain the staggered notifications.
Clearly the call kids get singled out but others get placed into priority hold?

@jbrown I’m sure the first round of calls are made after going through everyone in much detail. They probably go back through to choose PH and rejections in groups of 100. However, I haven’t heard of anyone getting an official rejection from TSU. Has anyone else?