Calls(wait list, priority hold)?

What are the different things for Txstate like priority hold, wait list? And when will we find out?

My understanding is that TSU chooses 40 students for its Priority Hold status. This is done on a rolling basis. D knows of kids placed on PH before Unifieds. These were kids who had done on-campus auditions. D auditioned at Chicago Unifieds and was placed on PH today. I’m not sure on Waitlist mechanics. That’s its own animal. @MTDadandProud may know.

Oh, and to clarify, I don’t think all PH statuses from Chicago Unifieds went out today. Some may have gone out earlier. Some may go out in two weeks. I think D said they were told they would have a PH answer no later than the first week of March and final decisions would go out later. Good luck to you! The waiting is really rough all the way around.

Not much to add. Priority Hold is the final pool of students to whom offers and wait list will go out to. There is no fixed number but it’s about 40. Changes year to year. After all auditions are completed (that is this weekend) offers will start going out within 2 weeks after that (not set in stone but that is usually how it happens). Everyone “should” know by middle of March if they are an Offer, Waitlist, or No Thank You. Class size is 12-14.

I believe that all of the initial offers have been made and the wait list has been notified as well. There have been some acceptances of offers but there are still quite a few still deciding. Congrats to those to whom offers were made and good luck to those still on the wait list if Texas State is your #1 choice! Go Bobcats.

The wait list is a bit of a mystery. D is on the priority hold wait list. First there were about 40 on priority hold. Then there were 20. Now, I’m not sure. It’s unclear how many are still on it because some offers were made and because I’ve heard that at least a couple were “released” from the hold today–essentially cut. Maybe cuts will continue to be made until the class is set. I’m just not sure. Do you know how many offers were made @MTDadandProud? Thanks for the insight. :slight_smile:

D took herself off the Waitlist --FYI. She hasn’t committed to a program yet but she’s one step closer to a decision. Good luck everyone!

@happydancer98 - was beginning to wonder if anyone was ever going to post on this thread again… LOL!

@crc500 I heard that a couple boys from the Waitlist were made offers today. Good source. One is D’s good friend. :slight_smile: Maybe this thread will get exciting again! LOL. Thinking of you!!

Yes, I know of one male who was offered a spot off the wait list yesterday.