Calm Down People!

<p>I am honesltly addicted to this site, and I now realize that we are all a little nutty. Let's all calm down about this process and have some confidence in ourselves and our accomplsihments. I find it rather amusing that people who want to got to schools like Harvard and Swrthmore, show such a lack of intellect through their vapid comments and frantic "wht are m chances?!" posts. I hope that in the end the people with true character and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world get what they deserve. To all the other people who live to only compete in some rat race for the perfect scores- I hope you can cultivate a personality and find a higher purpose in life.</p>

<p>I'll drink to that.</p>

<p>Honestly, it feels like many people on this site have totally lost perspective. This kind of scares me, though: have you ever competed against someone who was willing to sell their firstborn to win? They usually do.</p>

<p>I cant sell my first born, he is going to college next year (I think)</p>

<p>You are absolutely right. I for one need to chill out. Getting into that perfect school isn't everything. The most successful people I know didn't go to the Ivies or anything. Most went to state schools. We'll all be fine. That doesn't mean I still don't want Notre Dame!</p>

<p>yes..i need to chill out too..i think there's a part of me that's like "MIT OR BUST!" but mostly, i'm just trying to get through school intact -_-</p>

<p>Do people really think that they will get valuable information and legitimates assesments from complete strangers? I think this is derangement.</p>

<p>You are right, but what I have found is that this site is a great resource because most users are really familiar with the process because we are all going through it together and we have all spent a lot of time obsessing over admissions at our respective "reach" schools and therefore cc users are a great place to field some questions.</p>

<p> confidential users telling you that you'll have a good chance at <insert school="" here=""> will have no impact whatsoever on the actual decision.</insert></p>

<p>I agree, I can get so involved in reading posts that I don't do what will actually get me into schools (aka writing essays). Its just so stressfull seeing people with a gazillion ec's being like will I get into "such and such" school? having said this, I'm going to go post my stats and see what people say.</p>

<p>I agree with cu J87. Alot of the response are very nice, but too nice. Just gettinga resposnet hat you have a good chance is not much on these boards. Howeber Vaish has a very good point, do everything you can first (essays, recs, get your school work in order) and once that is done, and you are too anxious to wait for 4 months to receice a reply, post your stats here and we can just guess on em :P. </p>

<p>btw Minnesota rocks :P, I came from there vaish :)</p>

<p><strong><em>MUST</em></strong> get into UCB O_O</p>

<p>yeah MN does rock, except for the winters. I am so sick of the whole app process. there is so much to do and so much to freak out about, that its so much easier to just read and post here instead. Anthony where are you now college? People go read my post, its "Stanford EA?" thanks</p>

<p>If I remember right this is how mines went:</p>

<p>Stanford - (waiting list --> accepted)
MIT - (accepted)
Caltech (Rejected - they have a very creative application as some may have noticed. Whatever shape they throw at you and ask you to fill, think of something that NO ONE else will think of, lol)
Northwestern (accepted)
University of California - Berkley (accepted)
University of Minnesota IT Honors (accepted with full scholorship)
University of Saint Thomas (accepted, every needs some backups ;))
Anoka Ramsey Community College (accepted, another backup)</p>

<p>btw did you go to the informative session that was in Bloomington for Stanford a few weeks ago?</p>

<p>Pretty much all the stats that I have seen on this site are outstanding. It is always the people who have done everything to get into a certain school but now they are doubting themselves because someone else on this site has one more Ec than they do or 10 points higher on the SAT. I am sure that everyone here has done suficient research to know that they have very good chances.</p>

<p>no I didn't go. I visited over the summer so i figured that it would be mostly repetition. Why? were you there? Are you kidding, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, and Northwestern? good grief thats nuts.</p>

<p>Visiting it is actually better than going to the informative sessions, so you are in good shape. I couldnt go didn't think I could fly to MN and back to Cali in time for my morning breakfast (Which I paid already paid for :P). Well my stats overall was better than most of the postes on this board, though it was not the best. If you do get accepted keep this in mind as this was really good advice I received "No matter what, half the students are performing at a rate below average". If you come here in the top percent or two of your class, you will most likely fall into the 50 percentile, because of the stiff competition. So don't get discouraged after they release grades, just keep on truckin till the end :)</p>

<p>this site is helpful though bc of ppl who give help and advice on how to prepare for the college process. i've had lots of positive feedback and i'm going to follow most of the advice.
also, i'm addicted to cc.</p>