Calm my nerves and tell what my chances are... Please.

<p>I'm from Georgia
GPA- 3.5
SAT- 1810 composite, 1300 CR/M. I'm taking it again
ACT- Haven't taken it yet, but will be taking it
I'm pretty involved in my school and community
I have taken (or will have taken by the end of my senior year) 5 AP classes and a load of Honors classes
I pretty much take what I know will challenge me.</p>

<p>Basically, my whole family has attended Auburn and I'm under tremendous pressure to go there. Don't get me wrong. Auburn is my dream school. I love everything about it. I just really want to know what my chances are. Thank you! I appreciate any response :)</p>

<p>Your chances for admission are super. Your chances for some merit money are okay - raise GPA a little and test scores some. And do apply for the Honors College if you are eligible. It gives you a small group with similar interests.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I've been reviewing quit a lot for the next SAT date and I plan on bringing my GPA up also.</p>

<p>are you pressuring yourself or is the pressure coming from your family? You should go where you feel comfortable and think you will have the best experience. Let them find their own college to go to.</p>

<p>The ACT with writing will be important to Auburn -- you mentioned you will be taking it, so be sure and do some preparation for this test as well. When we visited the campus this summer, the admissions rep was more interested in D's ACT score than the SAT. Get a good ACT score, bump up your GPA and you may get some merit money. Keep in mind that departmental scholarships are also available. For example, an ACT score of 28 will qualify you for COSAM dept. funds.</p>