Calming the Nerves of an Anxious Transfer

<p>IS IT JUST ME!? I'm so antsy to transfer, it's been 2 and a half long years in community college thus far.... I can't believe it will be an entire year almost until I am in a 4-year university. I wish time would speed up! I wish November 15th would speed up for TAG decisions!! oaijefoiawefjaweofj</p>

<p>Does anyone feel the same? What is everyone doing to keep themselves calm and not so antsy? lol.... What are you doing to pass time? and keep your mind off the subject. The more I think about it the slower time goes AHH!</p>

<p>Put all your energy towards school so youll have the best possible gpa before they make their decisions! </p>

<p>I tag'd to uci so Im not too antsy right now since i know ill for sure get into a decent UC but once the decision letters start coming in for the other schools ill be nervous! lol </p>

<p>How are your personal statements coming along?</p>

<p>They're coming. I may refurbish them from last years personal statements but I'm at a lack of people who are willing to read the statements. I've sent them to 4 people over CC but not one has yet to give me input.</p>

<p>this looks like a thread i would make.</p>

<p>For some reason I'm more lazy this year than last year?? I'm just trying to say focused and stay on top of things, but the distraction are absolutely ridiculous.</p>

<p>I can read them if youd like. Im almost done with prompt #2. When i finish can you read mine?</p>

<p>Don't be nervous! I'm trying to keep busy at school. Got a statistics test tomorrow >_<</p>

<p>transferitis guys...</p>

<p>I agree with angieyeh. Just put all your energy towards school. Remember, it's not really over yet. We still have months to go until April where the decision will be released. The approval for TAG doesn't mean much if you don't meet the requirements. Keep on working hard, and time will fly even faster! haha</p>

<p>Think of it this way: have you read about anyone being denied on their tag?</p>


<p></a> tag denied - Google Search</p>

<p>what the eff? i never remember anyone getting denied from TAG if they did the requirements.</p>

<p>The people who were denied were typically disqualified for not meeting TAG requirements. Or, there was some kind of administrative error. I know that at least one person called to ask why they were denied, found out a mistake had been made, and their admissions status was changed to 'accepted'.</p>

<p>the TAG program seemed very black and white/drama free in terms of transferring. it seems like everyone i know that just played by the rules was accepted.</p>

<p>Yeah, for me though, I was unsure whether or not I'd get in (and still am unsure) because, well for one, you don't expect things to be given out so simply. For me though, it was that in some aspects of my TAG application I was unsure if I actaully was eligible. My GPA for example, I wasn't sure if they included the grades of NON-ASSIST Certified Courses or not. I now know that they don't but I thought they would because they want us to report it.</p>

<p>Tall, you'll be fine.. that year will go by really fast - been there and done that :) Good luck dude!</p>

<p>Haha thanks man! appreciate it.</p>