<p>Anyone know anything about International Agriculture and Rural Development? Or Cornell in general? It's come down to Cornell and Penn for me (assuming I get into Penn)--any thoughts?</p>

<p>What do you want to know ?</p>

<p>Cornell Website and Wikipedia usually have most of the stuff you're looking for.</p>

<p>thx. im just sick of college websites that are sugar-coated. i guess i want to know if there are any terrible things about cornell or stuff i should just make sure i hear before i decide. i know its a small program, and i dont want to be isolated.</p>

<p>what do you mean by isolation?</p>

<p>location wise or academic wise?</p>

<p>for location, ithaca is a small little town that has plenty of stuff catered to the college student. </p>

<p>academic wise you'll certainly have plenty of flexibility within your academic program to take classes anywheres at Cornell. </p>

<p>There aren't any "terrible" things about Cornell as long as you do your research on the place and know what to expect. Perhaps narrow down what you're looking for or what some of your expecations are...</p>

<p>ok... i meant social isolation (i know all about the location--been there like five times or whatever). i guess as a girl i dont want to be surrounded by sorority girls or guys who are only interested in them. is there really a broad range of ppl? and is it really clique-y?</p>

<p>Cornell has perhaps one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. you'll have no trouble finding your "group". </p>

<p>Are there sorority types? yes
are there unfortunate jocks? yes</p>

<p>are there 13,000 other undergraduates to from all 50 states and hundreds of internatinal students from all over the world? yes</p>

<p>Cornell is the last place you'll find a homogenous student body. No worries on your part.</p>

<p>'k thanks. im having trouble feeling like i can really get to know a school through its website (my dad went there, but he was a frat jock, so that doesn't really help)</p>