Calso and future appointments question

<p>Is it true that if you don't attend Calso, your future (sophomore, etc...) schedule appointments will be delayed? I can't attend Calso so I'm a bit worried about that... </p>

<p>I thought I saw someone on CC posting that their appointments were delayed b/c they didn't attend Calso as an incoming freshman :(! Can anyone clarify that?</p>

<p>No, your future timeslots are unaffected by CalSO. It only affects your registration and chances of getting into classes for your first semester. </p>

<p>CalSO is your phase I time slot. You register into your most critical classes, a max of 10.5 units, at this time. The later it happens, the more of the spaces in classes are filled. Even a later CalSO date will give you fewer options for classes, while those that don't go at all get a slot at the end when pickings are even more slim. However, as long as you have worked out a good set of options and alternatives, you will get a reasonable schedule even with the last time slots. You just will be working for it, having to be more flexible and creative, than if you have an earlier time. </p>

<p>Your future telebears appointments have no bearing on the CalSO you did or did not attend. They are set by class standing, units attained, AP units credited, whether declared in a major, whether multiple degree candidate, and special status of athlete, disabled student program or fall freshman regents scholar. Plus a bunch of random behavior of the assignment program is tossed in, to make life 'interesting'.</p>

<p>Alright, that makes me feel a little bit better for missing out on Calso. Thanks Rider :)!</p>