CalSO Commute

<p>Will there be anyone from LA going to CalSO on the 24th of June? I am currently living in San Jose; however, I will be taking summer courses at Santa Monica College in LA and was wondering what travel options there are to commute to Berkeley and back to LA. I am also open to carpooling and sharing the cost for gas.</p>


<p>Craiglist ridesharing has worked excellently for me in terms of getting between LA and Berkeley. It's basically one of the fastest ways to get between both points except driving by yourself or flying. It's approximately a 6hr trip, and the average cost is $20-$30 per person. You also get to do your post within a short timeframe before leaving (eg. for most rideshares, it's approximately a 24hr notice, but I've done some on 3hr notices).</p>