CalSO-Just found out

<p>I just found out about CalSO
I chose this past week to come up and visit Berkeley to see if it was the school for me (thank goddd that it was :) )
anyways, I can't make it b/c I prob won't be able to afford another flight up. Does this mean it'll be tougher to enroll in classes? (and what do they even DO at calso anyways lol?)</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>yeah its harder to register for classes, but i remember that you're a spanish major (or am i completely on crack?)... shouldn't be too hard to get classes for that major so you should be fine.</p>

<p>Haha nope, not crack senor :)
Well, at least that's what i'm going IN as...I might switch to ethnic studies or something like that (I know...imagine the salary hahaha)</p>

<p>hahaha i can imagine the same thing for ethnic studies... ur fine either way lol</p>

<p>oh ok thanks!!
The onLy thing freaking me out now is the residency thing...but I aLready made another post about that haha.</p>

<p>Remember to tell them why you can't attend CalSO so you can get a different registration code!</p>