<p>Hey anyone going to Calso on July 2- 3?</p>

<p>Has anyone already been to Calso? What was it like?</p>

<p>It was awesome.
A lot of good advising on what classes to sign up for your first semester--one on one advice from a CalSO counselor, and info on your planned field (Pre-Health, Pre-Business, etc).
There were also sessions on Academic Success at Cal, Getting Involved, Financial Aid, Job Searching.
Signing up for courses, Cal1 Card (your ID card and debit card basically)
Getting some Cal Spirit
Fun stuff</p>

<p>what do they mean by do we want to bring a guest?
like when we sign up for it..</p>

<p>sorry if these are stupid questions,
but do we stay overnight at one of the dorms?
when do we get assigned that?</p>

<p>for guest, it means your parent(s), but you would have to pay the +$260 more. You stay overnight at one of the dorms (unit 3 probably) and you get assigned the day you arrive (didn't go to CalSO yet so not 100% sure)</p>

<p>It's really fun, I went June 4-5. I'm sad that it's over.</p>